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The two wars. Protectionism and international interdependence. Fragmented Europe, caught between the United States and China. Polarization within the social media period. Inequalities on the rise. The dissatisfaction that generates radicalism and belief in populist leaders. It's nonetheless. Will the following European elections be capable of specific management that lives as much as the expectations and challenges of the current? How to maneuver on this context of excessive volatility with out getting harm? It was mentioned within the spherical desk on the «Leadership disaster and decline of the West», in entrance of the packed room of Palazzo Geremia. With the president of the Italian Stock Exchange Claudia Parzani, Luigi Gubitosi, president of the Luiss college, ambassador Pasquale Salzano, president of Simest, an organization of the Cdp group, which helps the internationalization of Italian firms; Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, CEO of Angelini Industries ($2 billion in revenues in 22 nations on three continents); the economist Fabio Scacciavillani, asset supervisor and founding father of Nextexperience and the president of Confcooperative Maurizio Gardini.

For Parzani, in such a fancy and in some methods difficult second, absolutely the crucial is that of the accountability of all actors, private and non-private. «The first downside is that there’s an excessive amount of individualism. It just isn’t time to go it alone in Europe. We should have the door open to the world. But the extent of teamwork have to be raised. There are optimistic transnational examples.”

Scacciavillani notes that «globalization failed because China abused the good faith of Westerners. The asymmetries with which the rules have been applied in the West and in China have caused this.” The instance was given of TikTok, managed by the Chinese Bytedance, the dad or mum firm which, confronted with the prospect of being blocked within the USA, initiated a lawsuit towards the American authorities: «Imagine if a Western firm appealed towards the Chinese authorities: what hopes would he get justice? None”. A narrow alley that of the new post-globalization blocks between the United States and China from which “it’s tough to flee”. Gardini of Confcooperative recalled «Western presumption in the 1990s when globalization was thought to also fuel the growth of democratic processes in countries like China, with an almost missionary push». The result? «Delocalization has caused the development of a Chinese production model in strong contrast with the West».

In this development without rules there is no shortage of paradoxes. Like that of Beijing which continues to push energy consumption with coal power plants to produce solar panels. Due to production overcapacity as is happening with electric cars, European and Western production is going into crisis. «We need to raise the level of European policies, which are truly revolutionary and can help us make a difference, with active protectionist defense measures, which help EU companies» claims the president of Confcooperative.

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Gubitosi believes that it is “exaggerated to speak in regards to the decline of the West”. The United States remains the world's leading economic and financial power and will remain so. Of course «there are important geopolitical concerns. Not just wars, also «the future challenges of artificial intelligence. Sector where we compete on three factors: data, PC computing and algorithms. TikTok has all the personal data of the Chinese, and also of many Western countries. It is normal to have concerns. In a multipolar world it is important to find rules.”