‘Amazing’ chocolate bar shelved by Aldi as followers left heartbroken | UK | News | EUROtoday

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A much-loved chocolate bar has been axed by Aldi leaving its sweet-tooth clients disheartened.

The coconut flavour of the Dairyfine Spirals is not being stocked, the grocery store chain has confirmed.

Fans have earlier expressed fear over the coconut bar’s demise in outlets, reviews The Sun.

A publish by Dani Norris within the Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group mentioned: “Hey guys does anyone know if Aldi still sells the coconut spirals? Does anyone know anything similar if not?”

Lucy Kate replied: “I haven’t seen them shortly I really like these! I believe they’re extraordinarily common.”

Tracy Rayner informed fellow Aldi shoppers that the product was out of stock, which received an angry reaction.

But while the supermarket has axed its coconut offering, it still offers chocolate and hazelnut varieties. The alternatives have proved hits for some coconut customers.

On the same Facebook thread, Tracy Morgan said: “I haven’t seen the coconut ones for some time however I really like the chocolate ones.”

Tracy added: “There’s a reasonably current new Knoppers coconut bar that’s very nice in case you haven’t tried that one.”

Aldi offers the double chocolate Dairyfine Spirals bars online, with a seven pack selling for £1.89.

Customers can find a hazelnut version, too – also a seven pack for the same price.

The coconut flavour still claims a page on Aldi’s website, but bears the dreaded “out of inventory” sign.

An Aldi spokesperson told The Sun: “We regularly overview our vary of merchandise to verify we’re assembly the wants of Aldi consumers.”