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Feijóo enters the melee with Vox: “There they are if their campaign consists of disqualifying the PP”

The chief of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has raised the tone towards Vox, after the twist of script given within the morning by nipping within the bud the technique of ignoring his companions. “What catches my attention is Vox's contempt for the act of thousands and thousands of protesters, there they and their responsibility if their campaign basically consists of disqualifying the Popular Party,” Feijóo mentioned at a marketing campaign occasion in Talavera de la Reina, Toledo, on the PP demonstration referred to as this Sunday in Madrid.

“They will know what their objective is, whether to make things easier for the Socialist Party,” added the top of the opposition, after the chief of Vox, Santiago Abascal, ignored each the Puerta de Alcalá rally and the earlier organized occasions. by the favored ones, which he referred to as “pilgrims”. Feijóo and FAES have entered into hand-to-hand fight with Vox right now after the Popular Party confirmed that each within the Catalan elections and within the surveys carried out up to now on the European elections, Abascal's social gathering is holding on, but in addition with the misgivings of some sectors of the PP.

“I do not compete for the opposition, I compete for change,” added Feijóo in regards to the Government and charging towards Vox. “And changing it only has one ballot, that of the Popular Party. “Whoever wants to change it should vote for the Popular Party,” insisted the leader of the PP, who has reiterated his call to concentrate the votes around his formation to prevent the disintegration of the right-wing electorate. “The PSOE is going to look for a tie by dividing the vote. What I propose to you is that we not divide,” he burdened.