Milei seeks to relaunch his mandate with a politician who’s in dialogue on the head of his cupboard of ministers | EUROtoday

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He interval It was Nicols Posse, the dismissed head of the cupboard of ministers. In its place will go Guillermo Francostill now Minister of the Interior, who boasts of being open to dialogue.

“The reality is that the president has a vision of politics, he questions it. He would like the policy to change, but it is also true that he has the sagacity to see that you cannot talk about politics without someone who is capable of dialogue“, and that’s the position that he has assigned me,” Francos said this Tuesday after learning of Posse's departure and that he is going to replace him.

The head of the cabinet of ministers is responsible for “the overall administration of the State”according to the Argentine Constitution, reformed in 1994. The figure is similar to that of European Prime Ministersalthough with fewer powers in a republic eminently presidentialist How is Argentina.

Posse, who knew Milei in the corporate world, had assumed the position with three unsustainable conditions: he will not hold press conferences, he will not give interviews and he will not speak even in off with journalists. The only time he spoke, in the almost six months that he has lasted in office, was in his obligatory management report to Parliament.

Milei had stopped speaking to Posse, his close friend, without anyone knowing the reasons. In the Argentine press it has been published that the former chief of staff had a particular love for the world of spies, which until now had always been under the direct control of the president. In one of his visits to the United StatesPosse met with CIA Director William Joseph Burns. Sedges Svoriappointed head of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) Because of him, he was also fired from office.

Francos, 74, responded in a roundabout way when asked if Posse had ordered to spy on Milei and her sister Karina, Secretary General of the Presidency. Veteran of Argentine politics, the new strong man of the Pink House It is clear what to do: “We are a parliamentary minority, we don’t have any governor, we’ve to coordinate our authorities workforce with these different political realities that Argentina has.”

A 180 degree turn from what Milei says, who ensures that moving forward whether the laws he sends to Parliament are approved or not. The Argentine president has shown, however, that his sometimes incendiary words are one thing and what he ends up doing under pressure is another.

Francos' task will be complex. Milei is suspicious not only of the opposition, but of his own. He does not trust her vice president, Victoria Villarruel, whom he calls a “merciless creature,” as revealed Luis Majula journalist extremely trusted by the president.

“In Milei there appears to be a whole lot of prophet and little of king. There are individuals who work with him who guarantee that not solely does he not delegate, however he ignores himself,” said analyst Carlos Pagni. “He is on one other frequency, he feels referred to as to a different position.”

In June, Milei will have completed six months in the Casa Rosada with seven trips abroad and no law passed by Parliamenta record in Argentine democratic history.

While Francos gathered the entire cabinet in a cafeteria near the Casa Rosada, Milei flew on the presidential Boeing 757 to San Francisco to meet between Wednesday and Thursday with Mark ZuckerbergCEO of Meta, Sundar PichaiCEO of Google, Timothy Cook, CEO of Apple, and the CEO of Open AI, Sam Altman. On Friday continue traveling to The Savior to attend the inauguration of Nayib Bukele. When he returns to Buenos Aires he will find a government quite different from the one he left.