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The most consultant unions in Spain, CC OO and UGT, reached this Monday an settlement in precept with the Ministry of Social Security to right the plan to purchase the contribution for previous internship intervals. The new textual content extends the time to have the ability to pay these contributions, which matches from 5 years to seven; widens the window for signing the particular settlement from three and a half to 4 and a half years; and takes as a reference the 12 months through which the internship was accomplished (which enormously reduces the unique worth, which was round 290 euros monthly). The Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain (COSCE), in a press release issued this Tuesday, applauds these modifications, however insists on two features that don’t persuade it: it asks for a better low cost on charges and that extra years may be recovered. “We want to ask the Government to keep the dialogue open with the affected groups until this situation is completely resolved,” says the assertion from the affiliation, which brings collectively 88 scientific societies that symbolize greater than 40,000 professionals.

The settlement between the ability crops and the Executive is inadequate for scientists. “It does not correct all the issues that, in our opinion, are not appropriate in the approved ministerial order,” the assertion says. The COSCE particulars two of the “most important” points that aren’t resolved, “the obligation that the affected people must also pay the employer's part of the contribution and that they cannot recover for more than five or seven years because some of the people affected worked with scholarships for which they did not contribute for much longer periods of time.”

Under regular circumstances, the enterprise a part of the contributions is the best, 23.6% of the regulatory base (just like the annual gross wage) for widespread contingencies, whereas the employee pays one other 4.7%. The scientists ask that Social Security pay the a part of the corporate (which of their case are normally public administrations) and that they care for that of the worker. However, particular agreements (such because the one articulated for this itemizing buy) work in another way: since it’s a buy within the aftermathSocial Security doesn’t differentiate by ideas.

In the assertion, the COSCE celebrates an excellent a part of the settlement between unions and the Government: “We congratulate the ministry for the decision to rectify some of the most harmful aspects incorporated in the ministerial order published in the BOE. Specifically, we consider the rectification to be a success in that the new order takes as the basis for the contribution of the special agreement the minimum base corresponding to the year in which the activity was carried out and not the current one as established by the approved ministerial order.” This measure is the one that reduces the cost the most, from around 290 euros to around 100 in some cases, depending on the year in which the studies were completed.

“We also consider it appropriate that the affected people who, thanks to the 2011 regulation, saved two years then can now add another five to that period. The decision to extend the period of membership in the agreement to four and a half years also seems to be an improvement, as well as the extension of the possibility of splitting the payment up to double the redeemed period,” the scientists added of their assertion.

UGT and CC OO announced their approval of the Government's new proposal through a joint statement this Monday, after a meeting at the ministry. The limited amount of time that exists for the ministerial order containing the now reformed text to come into force – it will do so next Saturday, June 1 – prevents these corrections from coming in on time. For this reason, both unions, waiting to receive the definitive proposal from the Ministry, and given the limited time available, recommend that the affected people “at any time when attainable” wait to request the signing of the special agreement “till the processing of the brand new regulation is formalized.”

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