The Singapore Airlines aircraft through which one particular person died and 100 others had been injured plummeted 54 meters | EUROtoday

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A altitude lack of about 54 meters because of the “rapid change in gravitational force” prompted one demise and greater than 100 accidents amongst passengers who weren’t carrying seat belts throughout flight SQ321. Singapore Airlinesnotes this Wednesday the preliminary report of the incident.

The aircraft, a Boeing 777 which lined the route between London and Singapore on the twenty first, was flying over southern Burma (Myanmar) when it entered an space of ​​turbulence.

While the pilots, who activated the “fasten seat belts” sign, tried to regulate the velocity and altitude of the plane, the gadget suffered a “rapid change in gravitational force” which prompted “the occupants who did not have their seat belts fastened to be ejected.”

“The rapid changes in gravitational force during 4.6 seconds duration resulted in an altitude loss of 178 feet (54 metros). “This sequence of occasions seemingly prompted accidents to the crew and passengers,” states the report published by the Singapore Ministry of Transport.

Once the cabin crew informed the pilots that there were injuries among the passengers, they made the decision to change course and request an emergency landing at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport.

A 73-year-old Briton died in mid-flight due to a heart attack, while the injured were treated for their injuries in hospitals in the Thai capital.

According to the latest report of injuries, published on Tuesday by the airline, a total of 28 passengers, including a Spaniard, are still hospitalized.

The Singapore authorities detailed the chronology of the incident after analyzing the data stored in the flight data recorder and the voice recorder in the plane's cockpit – known as black boxes -, in an investigation in which representatives of the authorities also participated. Americans and the Boeing company.

This is the first Singapore Airlines accident with fatalities since the SQ006 tragedy in 2000, which crashed after taking off from the wrong runway from Taiwan during a monsoon, causing 83 deaths of the 179 on board.