Brexiteer lifts lid on Labour plot to ‘ape EU guidelines’ and ‘dance to Brussels’ tune’ | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves is planning to “ape EU rules” and “dance to Brussels’ tune” if Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party defeats Rishi Sunak’s Tories in July 4’s normal election, an influential Brexiteer has warned.

Bob Lyddon, founding father of Lyddon Consulting Services Limited, outlined his issues in a paper revealed on the weekend, suggesting Labour would waste little time in cosying as much as the European Union if Sir Keir replaces Mr Sunak as Prime Minister.

And, talking after a keynote speech delivered by Ms Reeves on Tuesday, he prompt all his issues had been borne out by her so-called “five mission”: specifically reducing NHS ready instances, with 40,000 new appointments each single week; launching a brand new Border Security Command to smash prison gangs and strengthen borders; organising Great British Energy, publicly owned clear energy firm; cracking down on delinquent behaviour; and recruiting 6,500 new academics.

Mr Lyddon, whose paper, Decoding Rachel Reeves, was revealed on Saturday, instructed “Even if Labour guarantees to not rejoin the EU, it is going to ape it and, when opportune whistle up a case to re-enter the Customs Union and Single Market – after adopting ‘dynamic alignment’, a phrase which may higher be rendered as ‘dancing to Brussels’ tune’ or ‘when Brussels says bounce, Labour says ‘how excessive?'”

He continued: “The paper’s contents have been confirmed by Labour’s publications and utterances since the election was announced.”

Referring to Ms Reeves “five missions”, Mr Lyddon said: “The mission ‘Get the NHS Back On Its Feet’ will apparently require no extra funding, whether by borrowing, or by tax rises beyond what Labour have already announced.

“The money will magically appear from somewhere. Of course, in confirming that there will be no further tax rises, Reeves confirms there will be no tax cuts.”

The second pledge, to ‘Get Britain Building Again’ – in other words economic growth – would “apparently be achieved through stability, discipline and ‘robust economic institutions’, like the Office for Budget Responsibility, except it won’t”, Mr Lyddon continued.

He explained: “Tax cuts, deregulation, entrepreneurialism, risk-taking, less government interference, and fewer quangos are the more normal facilitators of economic growth but not in Labour’s world of ‘Securonomics’, where bureaucrats and politicians will make all the important decisions. There will be little room for free markets.”

Ms Reeves’s pledge to exercise “iron discipline”, in a phrase which recalled the tenure of Gordon Brown, “will apply only to day-to-day costs”, Mr Lyddon claimed.

He continued: “Keir Starmer has confirmed that new capital projects will bypass these constraints and be funded with private finance – a re-run of New Labour’s disastrous usage of Private Finance Initiative under which about £50 billion of money was ploughed into schools, hospitals and universities.

“Now, 14 years after New Labour left power, £278 billion still has to be paid by the hapless British public until we are finally off the hook in 2053. PFI has been like a dodgy car loan.

“Starmer’s Labour intends to pick up exactly where New Labour left off and rack up colossal new debts for current and future generations, particularly to fund the Net Zero transition.”

Speaking at the headquarters of Rolls Royce in Derby, Ms Reeves said: “Stability, investment, reform. You’re going to hear those three words a lot from me.

“Because they’re the elements of a real plan for the long run. An different to managed decline.

“The motive that I can say at present, with confidence, that this Labour Party is the pure occasion of British enterprise.

“The selection on the subsequent election is easy: Five extra years of the vicious cycle of chaos and decline which the Conservatives have set in movement;

“Or a modified Labour Party; Putting stability first, within the service of working individuals.”