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on wednesday nineteenth of June attain the cinemas Del revs 2 (Inside Out 2)sequel to the 2015 animated movie. Kelsey Mann directs the movie, which has already revealed its voice forged for the Spanish model.

Del Revs 2 (Inside Out 2) comes back to mind Riley, recently reached adolescence. At that moment, its headquarters is being demolished to make way for something totally unexpected: new emotions! Alegra, Sadness, Ira, Fear y Ascowho have long run the operation successfully, are unsure how to handle the arrival of Anxiety and his companions, Envy, Vergence y Ennui“, reads the official synopsis.

In the sequel, Michelle Jenner will give voice to Anxiety, whereas Rigoberta Bandini be Envy. Chanel Terrero double Ennui and Brays Efe It's Shame. Furthermore, Mar Bordallo, Beatriz Berciano, Fernando Cabrera, Ana Esther Alborg y Salvador Aldeguer They will return as Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger, respectively.

Dave Holstein y Me LeFauve They are the authors of the script Del revs 2 (Inside Out 2)which options music composed by Andrea Datzman and produced by Michael Giacchino.

These are the brand new characters of the sequel

According to the movie's director, Ansiedad can have a key function within the sequel. “Anxiety is new to the team, but she's not one to take a backseat. That makes a lot of sense if you think about it in terms of what's going on inside all of our minds,” Mann defined. “Anxiety is a bundle of overflowing energy that is dedicated to testing Riley in negative situations,” Disney advances.

Ennui is described as “boring and apathetic“, and liable for including “the perfect dose of adolescent apathy to Riley's personality.” Envy She could also be small, however she is aware of what she needs. She is at all times jealous of every thing that others have and isn’t afraid to point out it,” Disney points out about this new emotion. “Vergenza likes to go unnoticed“, which is not easy at all considering that it is a very corpulent emotion with a resplendent pink complexion,” they add.