Venice airport, the Council of State cancels the two.5 euro surcharge on tickets | EUROtoday

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The Council of State has canceled the municipal surcharge of €2.50 established by the Municipality of Venice for passengers departing from Marco Polo airport. «With nice satisfaction SAVE learns the choice of the Council of State which, with sentence 04858/2024, cancels the municipal surcharge of two.50 euros established by the Municipality of Venice for passengers departing from Marco Polo airport”, we read in a communicated.

The Council of State has in fact accepted the appeal formulated, among others, by SAVE, reforming the sentence issued by the Veneto TAR and canceling the Municipality's resolution of 23 December 2022 establishing the municipal surcharge, recognizing «the erroneousness of the acts of the Municipality of Venice, both in procedural terms and the lack of motivation for the choice made” we learn in a press launch. In addition to the administration firm of the lagoon metropolis's airport, the airways Wizz Air, easyJet, Ryanair, Volotea and the Association of low price carriers in Italy, Aicalf, individually opposed the choice of the Municipality of Venice.

According to the textual content of the ruling, with the introduction of the brand new tax of two.5 euros «the rise per passenger, contemplating the typical value of airline tickets, and specifically the charges utilized by low price corporations, such because the appellant carriers, is proportionately extreme; in actual fact, it may be quantified between 4% and seven% of the typical fare of a low fares for a one-way ticket”.

«An outcome in line with the position immediately expressed by SAVE, according to which the new tax was going to harm not only the development of the third national intercontinental airport, but would also have undermined that of the vast area served, considering the contribution of the activity of 'airport in terms of mobility, employment, economic growth.”