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Conservative MPs have welcomed a ferocious assault by Piers Morgan on certainly one of Labour’s most-touted election insurance policies.

On Question Time final evening, the divisive broadcaster fumed at Labour’s plans to hit personal colleges with a pricey new tax, that’s set to drive as many as 224,000 pupils into the state sector.

The loudmouthed commentator stated Labour “should be apologetic” for the coverage, which he stated represents “the worst kind of politics of envy”.

“I think it is a war on aspiration… And it shows a total lack of knowledge about the kind of people who send their kids to schools like Epsom College. I bet there are a lot of parents here who have scrimped and saved to give their kids the best chance they can in life.

“If you believe even half of the figures that have been projected as the impact of this, what’s going to happen is a lot of independent schools – not the big ones who will be fine – they’re going to go bust and then hundreds of kids will need to go into the state school system. It will swamp our system!”

“This is a politics of envy, and Labour at its worst!”

This morning Tory MPs have heaped reward on the fiery outburst, with deputy chairman Jonathan Gullis saying Mr Morgan “sums it up perfectly”.

Brendan Clarke-Smith stated: “Absolutely spot on from Piers Morgan here. The taxpayer will also LOSE money with Labour’s daft proposals, due to the extra burdens imposed on the state sector”.

MP for Kensington Felicity Buchan added: “Labour’s schools tax will hurt many smaller independent schools, put pressure on the state sector and hit hardworking parents the hardest”.

“As he says, “it’s the worst kind of politics of envy” – easy as that.”