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De all of the celebrations that we’re advised to rejoice, the one with the neighbors is my favourite. For those that do not need the style for others, the Neighbors' Day is this excellent assembly of conviviality and dwelling collectively which consists, round heat orange juice and rancid Curly, of sympathizing as soon as 12 months with people whom you repeatedly reported to the police for nighttime disturbances all through the remainder of the 12 months. I wouldn't miss it for something.

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Everyone is forcing themselves to be well mannered, when in actuality we simply wish to say: “Hello, are you the big idiot from downstairs?” » “Honey, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Jean-Pierre, the guy who has been annoying us for three years with his leaf blower and his charming wife, Nicole, who makes their neutered bichon pee in the lobby of the building. Happy Neighbors Day! »

I love these moments of sharing and unique exchanges, which allow us to debate for hours on the origin of the rising sewers in the common areas with a busy grandmother, while ogling the cleavage of a student. in visual arts, whose bathroom faces your bedroom, and which you discover for the first time dressed.

An air of celebration among our politicians

Let's leave my privacy to return to current events, and its most zealous protagonists. The political class. Class which also participated in the neighborhood fiesta. Mixed results. At the National Assembly, on the muck side, David Guiraud decided to party with his neighbor Meyer Habib. Oops, correction: someone whispers in my earpiece that he had a party with his neighbor… At the PS, no more neighbors, the building has been razed. At the LR's, the party was canceled, the block went to the next door neighbor's house. Valérie Hayer spent the evening alone in her office redoing her CV. The RN took the opportunity to change the name of the mailbox, now rebranded Bardella Comédie Club, a brand as popular with young people as the Marrakech of Laughter. Marine Le Pen and her niece Marion gathered in a laundry room to clean their dirty laundry. Laundering operation in progress. As for the LFI, there is no need for a neighbor's party: the Nupes looks enough like a Spanish inn under the caliphate.

Donald, our last hope!

In the United States, Donald Trump promises us a verdigris sky. A promotional video published on the former president's account and finally removed shows fictitious newspaper headlines suggesting that in the event of victory Trump plans the creation of a unified Reich… Here is an ambitious military project. Donald already had the hair, all he's missing is the mustache. We await his next campaign slogans: “Business sets you free!” » “A people, an empire, a trader”, and clearly his program e book, My Fight.

Golden Helmet

Everyone has their very own republican relics: François Hollande's “love scooter” was bought this week at public sale. It is rumored that to commemorate the occasion the previous president went discreetly, helmet in hand, a stone's throw from the Élysée, to twenty, rue du Cirque, the deal with the place he was most lively throughout his total profession. 5 12 months time period. Listed at The Argus lower than 1,300 euros, this weapon of mass seduction was bought on the astronomical value of 25,420 euros, which constitutes the most effective capital acquire recorded by a socialist chief since Jospin's privatizations.