Yolanda Daz unleashes herself in opposition to the “lies” and “insults” of PP and Vox: “Fuck it, we are going to govern better” | EUROtoday

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The chief of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, has unleashed herself in opposition to the “lies” and “insults” of PP and Vox, to whom she has thrown a “fuck” to censor their angle and to harangue her individuals to cease her. to the best within the European elections of June 9.

The second vp of the Government has tried to make use of in her favor the identical outburst that escaped her final Wednesday in Congress, when an open microphone performed the trick on her of selecting up the “fuck it” with which she celebrated the response of Pedro Sánchez to Alberto Nez Feijo of their nose to nose within the management session.

It was on the central occasion of Sumar's electoral marketing campaign, held in Getafe (Community of Madrid) earlier than a number of hundred individuals, the place he claimed that expression as a cry of fed up with the makes use of and methods of PP and Vox and of revolt to assist the coalition authorities in its job. “That's enough, to hell with it, we are going to govern better, to gain rights, to expand democracy, and to continue defending good people,” he exclaimed after reproaching the “lies” and “insults.” of PP and Vox or the pictures of Abascal in Israel with “war criminals.”

“Yes, fuck it, that's enough, enough of the lies. Mr. Feijo, Spain is not yours, it belongs to the people who voted on July 23 and wanted you and Abascal not to govern, it belongs to the people who voted and wanted a progressive government,” Daz concluded.

Sumar has made the central marketing campaign occasion an exhibition of “unity” among the many political forces that make up Díaz's formation. Almost all of the events current within the coalition participated within the Getafe rally (IU, widespreadMs Madrid, Comproms and Verdes Equo) and who’re their candidates on the checklist that heads Estrella Galnas they’re Jaume Asens, Vicent Marz, Manu Pineda and Andere Nieva. The new IU coordinator has additionally performed a number one function, Antonio Malloand the spokesperson for Ms Madrid within the capital's City Council, Rita Maestre.

Before them, and after a tough negotiation to accommodate all events within the European candidacy, Díaz claimed to “love each other so we can walk together.” “I feel very proud of the colleagues who are here, for being different, for being plural, for thinking differently and, sometimes, even for contradicting each other.”

Díaz has referred to as on these events to proceed mixing extra “to gain rights” and has claimed that what unites them is “fighting against injustices in the world.” “There is no difference that is worth raising the SMI, the IPREM or lowering the price of housing,” he emphasised, to resolve the tensions that usually floor within the steps that Sumar is taking because of the tough match that each one the items have and that unleash robust tensions. As with the checklist of Europeans and the function of IU.