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Marine Le Pen assaults Emmanuel Macron and calls on voters to “sanction” him on the polls on June 9

Marine Le Pen continued her speech by tapping once more on the European Union, which “has brought our countries into a logic of prohibitions, restrictions and limitations which lead to energy, industrial and, of course, agricultural decline.”

Before attacking the President of the Republic and the Macronist camp, declaring: “Europeans present themselves as progressives. In reality, they are regressive. (…) They are called Renaissance but should be called burial: burial of France, burial of Europe, burial of our sectors and our purchasing power, burial of our jobs and our future. »

She notably castigated the European desire and Emmanuel Macron to create a Europe of defense, affirming that the European Union “today, at the instigation of Madame von der Leyen and Emmanuel Macron, we continue to blow on the embers” Peace, “ in order to go and wage wars we don’t know where, to decide by we don’t know who.”

“Do we still have the right to contest Emmanuel Macron's policy, to find it stupid, ruinous, unfair, without being accused of wanting to leave France? Well, in the same way, we have the right to challenge the undemocratic, ruinous, stupid and decreasing policies of Mme von der Leyen, without wanting to leave Europe »she continued, defending herself against the presidential camp, which repeatedly recalls her past positions – she advocated leaving the European Union until 2017.

Then tackling the balance sheet “disastrous” of the President of the Republic, in issues of immigration, insecurity, administration of public expenditure, and even buying energy in addition to this “Brussels Commission [qui] in this way becomes almost totalitarian, that is to say that it intervenes everywhere, gets involved in everything.”

In the last part of her speech, the leader of the far-right party deputies called on the French to mobilize on June 9, in order to “sanction” Emmanuel Macron and his government and question current European institutions, in a populist speech: “It is from the vote alone that the people draw their power. » Marine Le Pen also launched a broader appeal to far-right voters to avoid ” dispersion ” voices. Jordan Bardella continued the speech from the podium.