Jordan Bardella's childhood in Saint-Denis, from delusion to actuality | EUROtoday

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“Voted in Saint-Denis”, Jordan Bardella has always voted in his hometown (here in 2019, for the European elections).  But this year, for the first time, he will vote in Garches, in Hauts-de-Seine, where he now lives.

” Welcome home ! » This August 30, 2023, at the beginning of the afternoon, the sub-prefect of Saint-Denis reaches out to Jordan Bardella who, in a tie and polished shoes, comes to defend the ideas of the extreme right at the invitation of Emmanuel Macron. In these “Saint-Denis meetings”, restricted to party leaders and senior figures of the State, desired by the Elysée to try to renew a dialogue with the oppositions, there are sixteen around the table. But only one, the young president of the National Rally, is playing at home.

In the grounds of the Legion of Honor educational center, in the heart of the emblematic city of 93, Jordan Bardella takes a second exam. Ten years earlier, in the same places, it was the baccalaureate. This time, it is a certificate of competence and good repute that the executive awards him. Until then, the 27-year-old young man was only the heir to Marine Le Pen, the sole interlocutor of power. Here he is number one legitimized.

So, obviously, the sub-prefect's welcome sentence, which Jordan Bardella likes to distill with relish to journalists, tastes like the icing on the cake. Beyond republican politeness, it is a recognition of the territorial link that he has been claiming for ten years. Jordan Bardella is ” his residence “ in Saint-Denis and, that day, the future head of the list in the European elections on June 9 has just symbolically completed the first phase of her political life.

The basis of his political identity

” Back to sq. one “. Here is how Jordan Bardella plans to title the chapter devoted to this episode in his autobiography in preparation. There will be a lot of talk about Saint-Denis, he said, at the beginning of May, about his office as president of the RN, in the 16e district of Paris, so far from the Gabriel-Péri city where he grew up. In the manuscript, the subject of much attention and of which the future publisher is still not known, he returns in detail to the HLM where he lived with his mother, the drug trafficking at the bottom of the bars and, of course, the assault on the unsanitary building in which terrorists had taken refuge on November 13, 2015, a few hundred meters as the crow flies from his home. The explosions echoed into his teenage bedroom. No detail will be missed. From his childhood in Saint-Denis, Jordan Bardella formed the basis of his political identity.

His voters are not unaware of his future because the baby of a divorced mom, making ends meet, who works as an Atsem, these personnel who help academics in nursery colleges. He typically describes himself, with out worry of forcing the purpose, as a survivor of a sordid and harmful metropolis, tormented by medication and radical Islam, within the picture of a remodeled metropolis “in Islamist breeding ground, given over to crimes and trafficking”. A spot that he “can’t hate” : “I’ve my roots there, part of myself and my household’s historical past. » His private journey can be the supply of his dedication: “I’m in politics for every part I skilled there. So that this doesn’t develop into the prerogative of the entire of France. Because what is occurring there’s not regular. »

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