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The clock confirmed half previous ten within the morning when two youngsters obtained to the primary row on a fence positioned in entrance of the Ministry of Culture sales space, on the Paseo de Coches del Retiro. “Is the Queen coming?” one requested. The different, curious, pointed to a girl passing by: “Is that her?” The minor found Doña Letizia when she appeared strolling, as a result of there was little doubt: the group of authorities that accompanied her and the general public that adopted her all through the journey facilitated the train of figuring out who the Queen is, which yet another version inaugurated the Book Fair, with a one-hour tour through which it was potential to see the passions that Doña Letizia arouses.

Lola, a septuagenarian girl, managed to leap the safety cordon a number of occasions alongside the route. “Congratulations on Princess Leonor,” she advised him the one time she managed to talk to the Queen. Lola arrived from Valencia to greet Doña Letizia, of whom she declares herself an admirer: “She and the King, there are no better ones in all of Europe,” she advised this medium earlier than taking off in applause and cheers once more to the spouse of Felipe VI.

This occurred on the Grant bookstore sales space, the place Doña Letizia chatted with the booksellers about Rodrigo Cortes y Salman Rushdie. The Queen continued on her approach, however stopping each meter to serve individuals. A girl requested him to signal {a photograph} that they’d taken collectively at an occasion about girls. Then, an animated woman provided him a pocket book to signal autographs. Doña Letizia met a bunch of main college youngsters from the San Antolín college in Alcobendas: “What do you prefer, tablet or books“?” asked the queen. “Books!” the children exclaimed with their reedy voices. Then, very excited, they showed their joy at having chatted with Doña Letizia.

The Queen then stopped at the Octogonal Space, the construction that they have built for the first time in the center of Paseo de Coches to give space to 15 small publishing houses. There, Doña Letizia was given The Quinta de Vistalegre in Carabanchel. In the same space was Editorial Tránsito, and the Queen confessed to her editor that it had just been read tell me a riddle. On the editor's advice, he took I just wanted to dance by Greta García and I almost don't remember anymore, by Clara Morales. In the same space, the Las Cercas publishing house gave him like beasts y The easy part.

The Queen with a group of children

The Queen with a group of childrenBreatheEFE

Doña Letizia took advantage of the fact that she was in the central part of the promenade to cross to the other sidewalk and visit Editorial Acantilado, one of the large companies present at the Fair. There, Doña Letizia and the Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtusun, present as day minister, they took the same book: The murmur of water. In addition, Doña Letizia was given The queens of the sea, The school of the soul y Valentino.

The visit continued to the set of Radio Nacional, where at that time they were interviewing Old Morla. Doña Letizia greeted the band and asked Pucho, her vocalist, what book she was reading. Bad habit, the singer responded.

It should be noted that every time the Queen chose a book from a booth, an assistant asked if there was anything to pay for, although they all insisted that it was a gift for Her Majesty. At the Xordica publishing house, Doña Letizia has been given six copies: Predicted Crimes, Broken Lace, The Night Will Be Black and White, Years of Life, Diamonds y Romance without words.

Doña Letizia is interested in some copies

Doña Letizia is interested in some copiesBreatheEFE

Doña Letizia went a little further to get to know Alvarellos, the publishing house that for the first time brings books in Galician to the Madrid fair. They gave the Queen a 1935 facsimile of the Six Galician poems of Lorca, Minimal Poetry of Helena Villar,Antidotes of Emma Pedreira,Gargoyles of Compostela.

The Queen continued on the path, with the sneakers with which she can move due to the clean fracture in the proximal phalanx of the right central finger. At one point, Doña Letizia received one of probably the most special books of hers. Is about Reckoningwritten in four hands by Pepa Sastre and the civil guard Miguel Ángel Cienfuegos, civil guard stationed in the Royal House. Next, in Felipa, an 80-year-old bookstore run by the fourth generation of the family, Juan José Hita has given him a book The history of the Felipa bookstore and three photographs of Felipe VI when he visited the same Book Fair booth in 1999.

Before leaving, Doña Letizia visited the Economic Culture Fund space, where those responsible had a surprise prepared for her: a dedicated copy of Voices from the Mirror, by Luis Mateo Díez, this year's Cervantes Prize. Doña Letizia said before leaving that this edition seemed “very profitable” and assured: “I’ll attempt to come again if I’ve the bone welded“.