RVFV: “Since I was little I wanted to be a father and being able to do it I'm not going to wait until I'm 40 years old” | EUROtoday

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Almera has a brand new fraud. David Bisbal takes over from Rvfv, a younger man from the standard neighborhood of Pescadera with whom he shares values. Simple, acquainted and calm, he’s a sort of trendy reincarnation of the singer from OT. A 23-year-old model with tattoos and chains that additionally strikes plenty.

In the final two years, has slipped into the highest 10 most listened to Spanish songs on Spotify. All as an unbiased artist and with out a file label behind him. But little is understood about him. He admits that he’s not very keen on interviews. “I don't like them, to be honest. I've always thought that I have little to tell,” he confesses whereas passing by Madrid to advertise his new CD, Tiburnrevealed this Thursday, May 30.

In the album, framed in what we immediately name 'city style', Rvfv and Bisbal come collectively in a tune. “We met performing at the Almera stadium and he was super natural with me. He's a 10. I told him if he wanted to add to the topic and he did. “I feel I'm nonetheless taking it in, he's a legend,” she says.

Precisely, the city's soccer club, recently relegated to Second Division, has been one of the fundamental axes of this work. Rvfv announced the collaborations from the team's own locker room with a special design of its shirt. In addition, the project includes the topic We won, a new anthem for UD Almera.

“For me it’s a satisfaction. Many instances I give it some thought and I don't consider it. As a toddler we frolicked within the discipline. We bought collectively, 20 kafres, and we had been on the lookout for a method to get in to see our idols. when Messi or Cristiano got here. Today we have now the help of the membership each time we need to do one thing they usually deal with us very nicely,” he says.

The album is made up of 20 songs with up to 13 collaborations, where friends like Omar Montes, Morad or Lola ndigo appear. The latter is the only woman. “It's true that I don't have relationships with many ladies of the style. as a result of it has not arisen. But there are lots of people who go at it tremendous laborious. “I listen to them a lot and I would love to work with them,” he says.

Rafael Ruiz, his actual title and from which the inventive alias is born by altering the 'a's' of 'Rafa' to 'uves', has been the protagonist of a number of moments of radical life change. He began in music whereas nonetheless a youngster and his songs quickly grew to become widespread.

“Once I washed glasses for a week in a booth at the fair which is called Teatro Dolce Vita. The following year I was already known and they hired me to sing. Imagine the contrast,” he says. “I was also moving for fifty euros with a friend. Those have been the only two jobs. The truth is that it took me a while to assimilate it.“, aade.

Far from what often occurs when success comes so quickly, no birds have gotten into his head. Neither for good nor for unhealthy. “I think I have already achieved my achievement, which is being able to live doing what I like. I have no ghosts or fear, I will be here giving firewood as long as the one above wants“, he says calmly.

Part of that maturity comes from persevering with amongst his personal. In his neighborhood he’s nonetheless 'Rafa, the Nana'. “It is the place where I am most calm. Everything is most natural. There I am not Rvfv, I am Nana's little one. We have thought many times about moving to Madrid for work, but my roots are there.. I think I'm going to stay in Almera no matter what,” she explains.


The youngest of 4 brothers, he has all the time felt the help of a music-loving household. “For them it's cool that one of us is a singer,” he explains whereas detailing how his sister found the reggaeton of Tego Calderón and Omega El Fuerte, his mom referred to as him Camela and his father listened to Triana all through the home. “What I do is born from all those influences,” he says.

Another level of moderation comes from her child, a lady born only a few months in the past. “It's something that changes you a lot. Since I was born it has become my priority, but I think you can combine being a father with music. There are people who think no, but at how old do you want to have a child, at 40? “I all the time wished to be a father and, if I do know that every part goes to be high-quality, why wait,” he reflects.

Here comes the clear question about lyrics and reggaeton. “The reality is that with the woman you look rather more,” she confesses. And he adds: “It is true that within the style many are robust and sweary, however we all the time attempt to go away them within the center. Soft in order that they don’t give us an excessive amount of scorn on one aspect or the opposite.”

“Proud to be a reference,” he says he does not feel pressure to give his opinion or give voice to causes he believes are just. Like his demand in favor of Palestine or improvements to transportation in Almera. “Sometimes one makes use of affect for good actions, like asking that they take away the practice and put the AVE. We attempt to use the speaker in a great way. But it's one thing I do after I'm born, with out obligation,” she concludes.