Nigel Farage hints at bombshell plan for Tories after the General Election | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Nigel Farage is eyeing a “takeover” of the Tories within the occasion of a heavy defeat for Rishi Sunak.

The Reform UK honorary president mentioned he needs to “reshape the centre-right”.

His feedback come as Conservative MPs together with Suella Braverman and Priti Patel have backed him to rejoin the Tory fold.

Asked if he needs to affix the Conservatives, the previous Ukip chief advised The Sunday Times: “Why do you think I called it Reform?

“Because of what happened in Canada — the 1992-93 precedent in Canada, where Reform comes from the outside, because the Canadian Conservatives had become social democrats like our mob here.

“It took them time, it took them two elections, they became the biggest party on the centre-right.

“They then absorbed what was left of the Conservative Party into them and rebranded.”

Asked if he was floating a merger, he added: “More like a takeover.”

On whether he wants to destroy the Tories like Reform UK leader Richard Tice, Mr Farage said: “I definitely don’t have any belief for them or any love for them.

“I want to reshape the centre-right, whatever that means.”

One senior Tory MP mentioned: “Our party needs to be able to come back with people like Nigel, where we basically go back to be that authentic Thatcherite party — his natural home.”

It comes amid ongoing hypothesis over the Brexit architect’s political future.

He is just not standing for Reform UK within the common election however can be travelling across the nation campaigning for the rebel get together led by Richard Tice.