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PA rustic of 130 million inhabitants, Mexico is making ready to elect a girl as chief for the primary time in its historical past. Claudia Sheinbaum is forward of her foremost rival, Xochitl Galvez, by greater than 20 factors within the polls. The solely spherical of the presidential election takes place this Sunday, June 2.

The first polling stations opened at 8 a.m. (2 p.m. in Paris) within the Cancun area, and an hour earlier than within the central area and the capital, Mexico City. Nearly 99 million voters are anticipated within the polling cubicles. “The Mexicans are called upon to renew their president at the same time, but also all the members of Parliament and 19,634 local elected officials,” explains Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky, specialist in Latin America on the Jean-Jaurès Foundation.

A number of hours earlier than the opening of the ballot, a candidate in a neighborhood election was killed within the west of the nation. Israel Delgado, 35, was shot close to his house in a single day from Saturday to Sunday.

Climate knowledgeable

Claudia Sheinbaum is the candidate for the left-wing Morena Party, based in 2014 by outgoing president Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). Elected in 2018, AMLO can’t run for a second time period, because the Constitution doesn’t authorize him to take action. Claudia Sheinbaum has been near the outgoing president for a very long time. Born in 1962 to 2 chemist mother and father, she studied physics, a part of which on the American University of Berkeley.

“Returning to politics at the end of the last century, she joined AMLO's cabinet in 2000, when he won the mayor's seat in Mexico City,” says Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky. He turned her mentor, and he or she stayed by his facet in Mexico for the 5 years of his mandate, then accompanied him within the misplaced presidential marketing campaign of 2006.” After which, Claudia Sheinbaum temporarily left politics to join the team of climate experts from the IPCC, as an energy engineer.

But she returned to the public scene in 2014, when Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador left the left-wing PRD party – which party saw corruption cases stick to its skin and suffered from internal struggles – to found his own party, which he baptizes Morena for “National Regeneration Movement”. Claudia Sheinbaum joins the new formation, and becomes, in 2018, mayor of Mexico City while her mentor wins the presidential election the same year.

Six years later, AMLO is preparing to leave the presidential chair with an impressive popularity rating: 60% favorable opinion, according to the poll carried out by the Mexican economic newspaper El Financiero. And this despite the increase in violence throughout the country linked to drug trafficking. This figure can be explained in particular by its social policy which saw an increase in the minimum wage and the provision of a universal old age pension.

But AMLO's popularity can also be explained by his quality as an excellent communicator. Since the start of his mandate, he has given a conference every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. This was already the case when he was mayor of Mexico City. “At the time, journalists complained about the schedule being too early (6 a.m.), so once president, he moved it to 7 a.m.,” says Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky. Every weekend, he travels to a region of Mexico to meet people.

A policy of major works in the south of the country

Claudia Sheinbaum poses as the candidate of continuity, and promises to continue the projects launched by her predecessor. Like the major works program which should enable the economic development of the south of the country, poorer than the north. There, on the Yucatan Peninsula, between the cities of Cancun and Campeche, AMLO launched the construction of the “Mayan Train,” a rail line that connects several tourist sites and seaside resorts.READ ALSO Chile: the extraordinary longevity of Pinochet’s Constitution

Further west, where the distance between the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea is the shortest in the entire country, AMLO has launched another rail line. It must provide a link between the container terminals of the two maritime facades, in order to compete with the Panama Canal.

In response, the opposition doesn’t hesitate to explain Claudia Sheinbaum as “AMLO’s puppet.” » The former president, nonetheless, swears that he has retired from politics. “The accusation is based on the fact that when quotas for women were decreed, many politicians installed their wife, their daughter, their sister-in-law, etc., in power,” explains Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky. Claudia Sheinbaum is in a everlasting seesaw, between the necessity to persuade opposition voters that she is just not “her puppet”, and the necessity to persuade the working lessons that she is in continuity. continues the researcher.

To distinguish herself from her mentor, Claudia Sheinbaum notably emphasizes the feminist side of her program. An argument that ought to usually be related on this nation the place, every year, greater than 3,000 feminicides are recorded. Except that the document on this space of ​​the present president – ​​who, in 2018, already promised to place an finish to it – seems disappointing from an accounting viewpoint: beneath his mandate, feminicides elevated by 120%.

In order to cease this dramatic phenomenon, Claudia Sheinbaum is proposing to generalize the measures she took at Mexico City Hall to your complete nation. Like the regulation “El agresor sale de casa”, in French “the aggressor leaves the home”, or the creation of a prosecutor's workplace answerable for investigating the crime of femicide.