Sánchez launches a brand new letter and makes use of the accusation of Begoa Gómez to ask for “a response at the polls” this Sunday | EUROtoday

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Pedro Sánchez has as soon as once more written a brand new letter addressed to residents after the summons of his spouse, Begoa Gómez, to testify the following July fifth. In it, he holds the leaders of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo, and Vox, Santiago Abascal, liable for this accusation for the alleged crimes of affect peddling and corruption in enterprise and desires them to “find the answer they deserve at the polls: condemnation and rejection of their bad arts”.

“There are a few days of noise left before the elections and a few more before the summer. But there are also more than three years of Government, of progress and advances,” says the president in that new letter, already solely two pages lengthy, distributed within the remaining stretch of the European election marketing campaign this Sunday.

In it, he factors out that “this decision is announced only five days before the elections to the European Parliament are held, which is strange.” “The unwritten rule of not issuing resolutions that could condition the normal development of an electoral campaign and, therefore, the vote of citizens, has usually been followed. In this case it is evident that this practice has not been respected. I leave it to the reader to extract their own conclusions,” he provides.

Furthermore, he states that each he and his spouse are “absolutely calm”: “There is nothing behind this accusation, just a crude setup promoted by the demanding far-right associations.” Despite this, he provides, “there is a political reading” that he says he feels “the obligation” to share with residents.

“As you may already remember, in my previous letter I denounced the drift of a reactionary coalition led by Mr. Feijo and Mr. Abascal – or by Mr. Abascal and Mr. Feijo, as much as it is – to use all the means at its disposal to “The aim is to interrupt me on a political and private degree. Their aim is for me to resign,” Sánchez explains in the letter.

Furthermore, the head of the Executive alludes to the motion of censure “by means of an alliance towards nature” that the president of the PP has not ruled out that he could present after the elections to the European Parliament on June 9: “What they didn’t obtain on the polls, they intend to attain in a spurious method.”

“I additionally knew that, as their frustration and the impotence of this reactionary coalition elevated, the tempo of the mud machine was not going to cease, however fairly speed up. Faced with this certainty, I requested myself whether or not or not it was price persevering with within the train of my duties. obligations. I need to let you know that my resolution to proceed main the Presidency of the Government is firmer than ever. That the duty that the progressive coalition Government has is extra vital than ever,” he emphasizes.

And he warns: “These coming days, you’ll witness a cautious choreography designed by the far-right coalition to attempt to situation the elections and weaken the Government (…). These days you’ll learn and listen to numerous noise and much more fury in digital tabloids born to unfold hoaxes, on tv and radio speak reveals within the service of amplifying this misinformation and on platforms the place Mr. Feijo and Mr. Abascal will tear their garments. All a giant lie. “Be assured that they will not break me.”

“Begoa and I know perfectly well why they attack her. Neither of us are naive. They do it because she is my partner,” provides Sánchez, who on this event omits the reference to the truth that he’s a person “deeply in love.” “She is a hard-working and honest woman who claims her right to work without giving up her husband's responsibilities, a right that I defend in my family life and for which I work as president of the Government of Spain to guarantee that men and women have the same opportunities and the same rights,” he concludes.