Biden: Netanyahu prolongs the struggle in Gaza. Behind the j'accuse, relationships at loggerheads | EUROtoday

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In the hours following the discharge of the interview, Biden and the White House toned down their tone. Netanyahu, Biden mentioned, “is trying to solve a serious problem that he has.” Spokesman Jack Kirby added that Biden was referring to what “many critics have said” about Netanyahu and that Washington “will continue to ensure that Israel has everything it needs to eliminate the Hamas threat and we will continue to work with the Prime Minister and the War Cabinet to bring this proposal to fruition.” New talks between Biden and Netanyahu will happen “when appropriate”.

But the gap and mutual mistrust seem profound, worsening throughout the months of struggle. An Israeli spokesperson instantly condemned Biden's statements as unacceptable. Netanyahu already earlier than and much more after the beginning of the brand new battle, unleashed after the aggression and bloodbath of Israeli civilians by Hamas final October, rejects the political horizon, nonetheless distant in the meanwhile, of the two-state answer , one Israeli and one Palestinian. Not solely that: he has rejected US invites to open the doorways to higher humanitarian assist and plans to guard civilians in Gaza and discussions on post-war and reconstruction tasks. And he nonetheless talks in regards to the complete destruction of Hamas, a objective thought of ill-defined and more and more much less life like by the White House.

In this local weather, relations between Biden and Netanyahu have change into more and more publicly frayed. In maybe essentially the most putting second of friction earlier than the most recent stances, Biden just lately suspended the supply of huge bombs to Israel, saying that they aren’t appropriate to be used in densely populated facilities, comparable to Rafah in Gaza. Netanyahu responded with out taking any steps again, that “if necessary we will fight alone and with our nails”. Six weeks in the past Biden had additionally overtly mentioned that he hoped for an imminent settlement between the events on a ceasefire and launch of the hostages, however he had but to be denied by a stalemate.

It's a actuality that has to date uncovered the boundaries of Biden's vaunted technique of managing Netanyahu with pleasant diplomacy, behind-the-scenes affect, somewhat than with dramatic gestures. And which has additionally changed into a troublesome inside political dilemma for Biden, amid protests from the progressive currents of the Democratic Party who criticize Biden as being too mushy on Israel within the face of tens of hundreds of victims of the bombings in Gaza.

Biden's disagreements with Israel, it ought to be remembered, usually are not new (and periodic tensions had additionally surfaced throughout previous Republican administrations). Barack Obama, of whom Biden was vice chairman, had clashed with Jerusalem over continued settlements within the occupied West Bank. Netanyahu had additionally all the time been firmly in opposition to nuclear agreements with Iran, together with Biden's efforts in recent times to revive them. However, the variations all the time appeared to be reconcilable. During the brand new struggle in Gaza, the deterioration was progressive. The two leaders didn’t communicate instantly to one another for durations of as much as greater than a month amid the tensions. Whether this deadlock and mutual mistrust will be overcome stays, for now, an unanswered query. Perhaps, somebody instructed, solely the exit of one of many two leaders might change the sport.