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With good polls making Raphaël Glucksmann the potential shock of the European elections on June 9, the Socialist Party is beginning to dream of a return to favor, three years earlier than the French presidential election of 2027. But regardless of the candidate's assertions, an excellent The end result will undoubtedly not make it potential to find out the long run line of the PS or that of the social democrats within the European Parliament.

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Less than every week earlier than the European elections on June 9, the Socialist Party (PS) hopes to strike an enormous blow. According to the polls, its head of record Raphaël Glucksmann, founding father of the small allied social gathering Place publique, is competing with the pinnacle of the presidential record Valérie Hayer for second place within the ballot, behind Jordan Bardella (National Rally).

Five years after having come near correction over the past European elections by acquiring solely 6.19% of the votes, Raphaël Glucksmann may subsequently create a shock and, on the similar time, relaunch the controversy, paused in the course of the marketing campaign, between professional and anti-Nupes socialists.

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Because for a number of months, yesterday's enemies appear to have been reconciled. The image was immortalized on April 3, throughout a gathering in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, the place the primary secretary of the social gathering and supporter of the union of the left, Olivier Faure, and his former rival had been current on the identical stage. for the publish and chief of the opponents of the New Ecological and Social Popular Union, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol.

The narrative was then supposed to be unambiguous: the interior rifts and the heated clashes of the start of 2023 are forgotten, all socialists are actually united behind the candidacy of Raphaël Glucksmann for the European elections. And even when the Nupes exploded after the assault perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 in opposition to Israel and the tensions between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the socialists appear just a little extra acute each week, such reconciliation, even on the floor, is in progress. itself a small feat achieved by the previous advisor to Mikheïl Saakashvili in Georgia.

“Good polls and the possibility of a good result are vital fuel for a political party. This can trigger a virtuous circle and bring people who disagree to talk again and come together around a common project. However, this does not resolve the fundamental problems within the PS and the left in general,” analyzes Bruno Cauvrai, political scientist and researcher at Cevipof.

Raphaël Glucksmann on a ridge line

Especially since Raphaël Glucksmann's marketing campaign and his program had been constructed to fulfill each camps and enchantment to the broadest potential citizens – a resolutely pro-European positioning, an anti-Mélenchon speech and proposals such because the tax on superprofits offered as “radical” – everybody will be capable to learn into the potential good results of the PS-Place publique record what they need.

Some will assert that left-wing voters have chosen social democracy, thus sending a sign to socialist leaders of the necessity to definitively flip their backs on the road defended by La France insoumise. Others will think about that it was the guarantees of a break with neoliberalism and the adoption of the “software of political ecology” by the group of European socialists which seduced the voters, an indication that we should proceed on this path set out within the late the widespread program of Nupes.

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Raphaël Glucksmann himself takes care to play each side. First questioned, Sunday June 2 on BFMTV, about his imaginative and prescient of the union of the left after the European elections, he affirmed to be “in total break with what La France insoumise does”. “I have set a clear course. This course has resolved extremely deep fundamental differences which run through the French left. This course is the visceral attachment to European construction, the visceral attachment to democracy, the attachment visceral to a peaceful public debate, refusing excess, refusing slander, refusing fake news (…) I will be the guardian of the fact that we do not deviate from it (…) The people who are. will recognize in this direction will come and it will be a total break with what La France insoumise is doing today.”

Then, responding to a query on the variations inside his European group, specifically on the Pact on Migration and Asylum or free commerce treaties, a topic on which he was in a minority place, the MEP promised a “toggle”. “You will see. There is a shift within the social democratic group and concerning Mercosur for example, a majority of the group will oppose it,” he promised. “We are really in the process of fundamentally reshaping European social democracy by making it embrace the software of political ecology,” he added. The end result, he says, is a “new political offering that will dominate the European left for decades to come.”

Candidates who’re symbols of the previous PS

A problem as a big majority of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) group within the European Parliament are social democrats who haven’t renounced neoliberalism. Not to say that the identical query stays about a number of candidates from the socialist record – François Kalfon and Claire Fita specifically – whose positions supporting the development of the A69 motorway and castigating a “dogmatic ecology” tie them extra to the previous PS from François Hollande solely to the “new political offer” promised by Raphaël Glucksmann.

“This is not the first time that a French socialist leader has preached in this way. The results have been rather mixed in the past, so I remain cautious about Raphaël Glucksmann's ability to change other European socialists, who have all different stories and a different relationship to capitalism”, tempers Bruno Cautres.

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The dynamics round Raphaël Glucksmann's candidacy subsequently carry uncertainties. Because if his speech is evident, it’s unattainable to foretell what’s going to occur after the European elections, each inside the Socialist Party and inside the S&D group within the European Parliament.

Moreover, even the primary secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, is now evasive. Questioned on Tuesday, June 4 on Sud Radio, about the way forward for the left after the European elections, he refused to remark clearly, contenting himself with asserting {that a} potential good rating on Sunday would solely belong to Raphaël Glucksmann and that the latter would “of course be part of the solution” for 2027.