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IThey are younger – 36 years outdated on common –, anxious about world warming – “in my generation, we hesitate to have children”, confides the top of the checklist –, however they wish to act, and are fed up with it to come back up towards “dogmas”. While the Greens are collapsing within the polls, the younger Équinoxe celebration, a newcomer on the political scene, sees the European elections as a launching pad. “Of course, it will be difficult to reach 5”, admits the top of the checklist Marine Cholley, a 31-year-old engineer. But we have already got 2,000 members, 51 native committees, round ten mayors have joined us… The goal is to current 500 mayors within the subsequent municipal elections. » And to comb away the outdated ecological guard, entangled, in response to the younger members of Équinoxe, in its contradictions and its “rearguard battles”.

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“I work in renewable energies,” explains Marine Cholley, who has collaborated in current months on the Cruis photovoltaic park mission, an influence plant to cowl 16.7 hectares of the Lure mountain, within the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence . “I found myself in direct confrontation with an opponent, an LFI deputy, supported by EELV elected officials from Paca. Even though LFI and EELV were elected on a national nuclear phase-out program, which plans to multiply renewable energies by five! »

These are the same “inconsistencies” that pushed Vincent Brémaud, 25, a doctoral scholar in local weather physics at Polytechnique, to discovered his personal celebration with two associates – after a brief expertise at La France insoumise. “There were totally taboo subjects, like nuclear power or immigration,” he says. “We wanted to put rigor into our program. I took a hydrology course at Polytechnique, and I understood that the positions often defended, on megabasins for example, under the guise of listening to science, are in fact very ideological. »

Proudly pro-nuclear

Équinoxe refuses to classify itself as right or left: its members want to be “pragmatic”. Water reservoirs? “In places where water tables overflow in winter, why not? Periods of drought are going to be more intense, retaining water to reuse it is not crazy. We store electricity well to get through consumption peaks, right? We must study it on a case-by-case basis,” judges Vincent Brémaud.

Nuclear ? “It’s obvious,” insists Marine Cholley. “IPCC scientists designate it as a solution to put an end to fossil fuels. Why persist in being anti-nuclear, against the advice of scientists? » The Lyon-Turin tunnel, against which environmental activists have been opposing for years? “These opponents can’t see further than the end of their noses,” annoys the top of the checklist. “As we will have to maintain our railway network, which is not adapted to global warming. » Immigration? Équinoxe proposes to create, in Europe, a status of “climate refugee”.

To finance the transition, Équinoxe advocates a tax of 0.3% on all monetary transactions, or the taxation of kerosene on a European scale. And if the celebration is in favor of every citizen's “rights to pollute” being restricted, it defends an authentic thought to attain this: the creation of a person “carbon account” for every citizen, set at 10 tonnes of CO2 per individual per yr, the quotas of which might be exchanged on a market. “When you buy a plane ticket, gasoline or gas for heating, you can count the associated greenhouse gas emissions,” explains Marine Cholley. Exchange on a market would make it attainable to reward probably the most sober, and penalize those that exceed their allotted quantity. »

The Jancovici line

Radical ? Without a doubt. The time period “decreasing” is extra acceptable: within the wake of Jean-Marc Jancovici, the younger celebration is satisfied of an imminent exhaustion of fossil assets. “As soon as we move away from an economy built on infinite energy like oil, our GDP will decline. It is better to anticipate and structure this decline, rather than taking it head on. Our societal system will be turned upside down,” argues Marine Cholley. Who proposes to arrange it “without dogmatism” on the options adopted to melt the shock.
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A program that one would swear was written by one other polytechnician, star of declining circles: Jean-Marc Jancovici, whose sketch A world with out finish has already offered greater than one million copies. If the younger celebration claims to have “no link” with it, round ten members of the Équinoxe checklist come from the Shift Project, this suppose tank created by the media founding father of the Carbone 4 firm to push its lowering and pro-nuclear concepts. “We are the youth who do not want to give up, who want to get involved and recreate debate,” enthuses Marine Cholley – who readily acknowledges that the celebration's positions might evolve, primarily based on scientific data. “The political class, today, has not understood the extent of the issue,” believes Benjamin Lallemand, second on the checklist and physician in physics. “We should put an finish to indestructible dogmas. » An actual problem.