Jean-Luc Mélenchon targets Raphaël Glucksmann over the last LFI assembly | EUROtoday

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“We come to campaign against the extreme right; he comes to beat LFI! », believes Jean-Luc Mélenchon about Raphaël Glucksmann

Jean-Luc Mélenchon spoke at the last campaign meeting of Manon Aubry, head of the list of La France insoumise (LFI), in the presence of the MEP but also of the “rebellious” deputies Sebastien Delogu and Gabriel Amard or the candidate for the European elections Rima Hassan.

Addressing the “rebellious” activists current within the room, the chief of LFI estimated that “this campaign takes place in the long series of events which prepare the occurrence in France of the citizens’ revolution”, within the face of the mobilization which, in accordance with him, is taking form in assist of the “rebellious” checklist. Mr. Mélenchon thus estimated that ” the powerfuls ” should not have not seen this folks begin shifting, any greater than[ils] don't[ont] seen in 2005 getting ready to say no to [leur] rotten European structure »seeming to brush away the vote estimates which presently give the LFI checklist round 8%.

“If the extreme right has progressed to the point where it is, it is because, for six months, there has been an Islamophobic, anti-Arab, despicable campaign”, continued the chief of LFI, questioning the function of the manager in establishing a duel between the presidential camp and the National Rally, but additionally the media, in a protracted diatribe. He then criticized Jordan Bardella, saying that the pinnacle of the far-right get together checklist has no program aside from “throw immigrants into the sea”.

“The 9th [juin]we will vote for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza”chanted Jean-Luc Mélenchon once more, calling on the European Union to decree an embargo on the supply of weapons delivered to Israel and “the suspension of cooperation agreements with Mr. Netanyahu’s government.”

The “rebellious” chief then mocked the feedback made across the marketing campaign of Raphaël Glucksmann (Socialist Party-Public Square), given dynamism and a lead on the left. After criticizing most of the socialist governments in energy in Europe, criticizing both their inertia or their betrayals in social issues, Jean-Luc Mélenchon declared about Mr. Glucksmann: “We come to marketing campaign in opposition to the acute proper; he involves beat LFI! »

” Whatever happens [le 9 juin au soir]we will never stop our fight”, continued the chief of LFI, earlier than including that nothing is set: “I inform him, watch out, you pig who provides up! Because you simply mentioned that this may settle the matter as soon as and for all. It's true that now we have already crushed you twice within the presidential election and as soon as within the European election. You'll preserve your phrase, I suppose, when, on the ninth [juin] within the night, we can have the entire outcomes, and that it’s us [qui serons] in entrance ? »