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It was not the occasion of the 12 months, nor the dreamed-of profitable bullfight, but it surely was two and 1 / 4 hours of fixed pressure, of maximum threat, in order that there was no event for boredom or for the bullfighters to get into hassle. Victorino Martín's bullfight was exhausting, troublesome, troublesome on completely different ranges, however attention-grabbing on the finish of the day, six bulls from one other period that met two fashionable bullfighters, courageous and devoted, however with out the combating skill that the six specimens demanded. who jumped into the ring.

Paco Ureña and Borja Jiménez expressed a worrying helplessness all through the afternoon. And they behaved like very unhealthy bullfighters, an unforgivable sin at this level within the movie. Ureña heard 4 warnings, two in his first and one within the different two, and he participated in a rally with the sword through which he opened the place. Unforgivable. Another presidential message was despatched to Borja Jiménez, who additionally bought caught with the error in his first one.

The bullfight was not simple, nothing just like the creative bulls that the figures battle over; The bulls got here out with authorised Latin and required all 5 senses to be prepared and a really clear head to keep away from flying by way of the air. Only the second and fifth allowed the bullfighting of Verónica, by Jiménez in 4 very cheery hits and an ethereal shot by Ureña. The second and the fourth complied with out additional ado, and the remainder had been meek, aside from the sixth, who pushed exhausting in two matches. They all waited with evil concepts in banderillas and put the crews in deep trouble, and each had a special habits on the crutch.

King Felipe VI greets the public upon his arrival at the royal box.
King Felipe VI greets the general public upon his arrival on the royal field.Juanjo Martín Efe

The first was very troublesome, throwing screws into the air, harsh and harsh within the excessive, which Ureña was unable to subdue at any time; The second was very properly positioned, who attacked humiliated and grasping for the best python, with which Jiménez excelled in a few thrilling rounds along with his proper hand, however with out the person's dominance over the animal being evident; More noble, chilly and boring was the third, who at all times attacked along with his face held excessive and hooked Ureña's deception to the purpose of tarnishing his supply. The bullfighter managed, nevertheless, a spherical along with his proper hand that was cleaner and extra united, and one other along with his left hand, shorter, however intense, in order that they requested for his ear and he went across the ring; The fourth was the least attention-grabbing of the afternoon resulting from his lack of energy, and he solely allowed boring passes; The fifth, who was X-raying Ureña in every match, quickly cracked, which didn’t stop the bullfighter from making some lengthy proper palms, and the sixth, courageous on the horse, the one one, who was punished viciously, additionally posed difficulties for Borja Jiménez resulting from their innate caste that demanded one other battle past fashionable passes.

In brief, the bullfight weighed closely on the bullfighters. It was clear that the get together of those victorians It is completely different from what’s skilled nearly every day on this sq.. Tension, emotion, threat, hazard, hassle, worry…

With the a lot respect that the 2 matadors and the crews that accompanied them deserve, this battle was received by the bulls.

Martin / Paco Ureña and Borja Jiménez, hand in hand

Bulls of Victorino Martin, very properly offered, astifinos, mild in varas, aside from the courageous sixth, and troublesome in banderillas; the primary one could be very difficult; embedded the second; noble and boring the third; outcast and invalid the fourth; the fifth was cracked, and the sixth was fitted and boring, which they massacred in rods. All demanding to completely different levels.

Paco Urena: two punctures, thrust by way of -warning-, 5 loopy issues -second warning- and 4 loopy issues (silence); -warning-, withering brief thrust (return to the ring); -warning-, puncture, half crossed and nearly completely low and a loopy (silence).

Borja Jimenez: puncture, half mendacity -warning-, and 7 loopy issues (silence); lunge and a hair loss (silence); puncture and half thrust (silence).

Plaza de Las Ventas. fifth June. Twenty-third bullfight of the San Isidro Fair. Press Run. King Felipe VI attended from the royal field, and the swords gave him his first bulls. The monarch was accompanied by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid; Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture; María Rey, president of the Madrid Press Association, and the bullfighter Francisco Rivera Ordóñez, as creative advisor. Full of “There are no tickets” (22,964 spectators, in line with the corporate).

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