The left criticizes Irene Montero for praising concerted training and her “way of teaching” | EUROtoday

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Irene “She all the time says that she is the best way she is as a result of she comes from a working household and due to the colleges she studied in,” narrates the electoral video that Podemos launched yesterday as its most personalistic and humane bet to close the campaign. However, a part of the The left has received it with suspicion and has been very critical of the praise that the spot dedicated to the centers where the former minister studied, both of them with concerted education.

“Your college [el Siglo XXI de Moratalaz, en Madrid] I put it collectively cooperative of moms and dads who opted for project-based training, a approach of instructing that encourages kids to study to analyze,” says the video, a comment that some sympathizers of the left have understood as a “euphemism” for the concerted organization. “Manual of a ebook on how one can defend personal training with out showing prefer it,” denounces one Internet user.

He spot also alludes to the center where Montero attended secondary education, a school owned by the Employee Home Foundation, of which the narrator highlights its character as an “impartial, non-profit group.” “It promotes, by way of training, social justice, the deepening of democracy and environmental sustainability,” praises the video with which Podemos intended to praise the more human side of its candidate.

After an impeccable campaign, in which Irene Montero has taken advantage of her interventions to recover the spirit that ten years ago made them burst into the European Parliament with force, this video has been understood as a slip. Left-wing sympathizers and related journalists have criticized Podemos for praising concerted education and “hiding it behind the label 'cooperative'”, expressing their longing for “with the ability to vote a minimum of as soon as of their life for somebody who really believes in public training”.

In the video that is the subject of criticism, the party presents Montero as a woman, daughter of a working-class family, who became “essentially the most attacked minister within the historical past” of Spain. Through a succession of unpublished photographs, the spot reviews the candidate's beginnings as a militant in the Youth of the Communist Party and his passage through Platform for People Affected by Mortgage (PAH).

“That a working-class lady turns into a university graduate, {that a} grocery store cashier turns into a minister is proof that democracy generally wins,” recites the narrator, turning around the usual criticism that sympathizers of the right pours on Montero for his professional past. “Democracy is that the youngsters of the working class can occupy the positions that had been reserved for the youngsters of those that all the time dominated,” he says, because the final guess with which to resurrect the hope of the Podemos voter.