Cabinet minister Johnny Mercer criticises Sunak over leaving D-Day occasion early | EUROtoday

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Sir Keir Starmer mentioned Rishi Sunak has to “answer for his choices” over his resolution to depart D-Day commemorations in Normandy early.

The Labour chief informed broadcasters throughout a go to to a housing improvement in London this morning that staying for the entire day of occasions yesterday was “the only choice I was going to make”.

Asked about Mr Sunak’s apology, Sir Keir mentioned: “He will have to answer for his own choices. For me the only choice was to be there.

“It was a humbling day to contemplate the bravery, individually, of those, many of them teenagers, running up the beach under gun fire, not knowing whether they would succeed or fail and then to think about how hard that must have been.

“To then see the veterans and say thank you, I thanked them on behalf of the Labour Party and the country and on behalf of my children actually who were freely going to school yesterday because of the contribution that they made, the sacrifice that they made and their colleagues.

“For me it was really important to be there for the whole day paying my respects. That was the only choice I was going to make. The Prime Minister really will have to answer for his choices.”