European elections 2024: Prominent names from tradition, universities and politics ask to vote for the Spanish Left | EUROtoday

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The actor and director, Antonio Resines; the director and producer Jos Luis Garca-Berlanga; the economist and former Secretary General of the Treasury, Juan Francisco Martín Seco; the ethics professor, Flix Ovejero; the professor of Philosophy of Law, Pablo de Lora; the physician in Political Sciences, María Muiz de Urquiza; the professor of Constitutional Law, Francesc de Carreras; the physician in Biology, Juan Ramón Medina; the previous vice chairman of the Junta de Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, are among the names representing the world of tradition and, above all, the college who signed a “civic manifesto” wherein they ask for the vote subsequent Sunday to the Spanish Left candidacy, the social gathering led by lawyer Guillermo del Valle that’s collaborating in elections for the primary time.

In the textual content they reject “the moment of the old politics” accusing the “official left” of getting “sublet their brands to identity-based and unsupportive nationalism” and the “rights willing to continue cutting social and labor rights, with or without a chainsaw.” “.

Nor is it, they affirm, the moment “of what grew to become a brand new coverage that at present is torn between irrelevance, populism and servility.” Nor, they add, will “by no means” be the moment of the circus politics of those who present an openly personalist program aimed at obtaining parliamentary immunity to be able to commit illegalities with impunity.”

The Spanish Left is dedicated to “defending the same thing for Spain and for Europe; betting on Spain leading a more social, more democratic and more autonomous Europe; reversing the degradation of the welfare state and promoting a Spain with its own, strong and united voice, which champion a fair and progressive fiscal union in Europe”.

It is time, they are saying, “for no one to be more than anyone else, neither in Spain nor in Europe” and that’s the reason they display “against tax havens and privileges”; They oppose the “fiscal disloyalty of Holland and Ireland but also the injustice of quotas, privileges, dumping and particular agreements for the regions that have the most.”

In their manifesto, the signatories defend that “there should no longer be second- and third-class Spaniards and Europeans” they usually advocate “regenerating democracy, institutions and public life.” “It is time,” the textual content concludes, “for the law to once again be the genuine expression of the general will: a law of all, equal for all.”