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If you have been a Disney fan as a toddler, and even if you happen to nonetheless are as an grownup, likelihood is you bear in mind a number of the most iconic traces out of your favorite animated classics.

But what if somebody informed you that the quotes you bear in mind weren’t within the films? Or that the characters do not appear to be you bear in mind them?

Well, sadly for some followers, they’d their model of actuality shattered by a lady on social media after she made it her mission to disillusion individuals of the “Mandela Effects” they’ve fallen prey to.

A Mandela Effect refers to a collective misremembering of particular particulars or occasions, usually attributed to false or altered recollections shared amongst teams of individuals. It is called after a time frame the place individuals believed Nelson Mandela had died years earlier than he truly did.

Ashley Ridgely-Smith, who posts on-line below the username @ashley.entangled, claims followers have misremembered every part from music lyrics to Mickey Mouse’s look.

Alice in Wonderland

Kicking off the listing was the beloved story of Alice in Wonderland, the story of a woman named Alice who falls by means of a rabbit gap right into a fantasy world the place little or no is smart. It is dwelling to beloved characters just like the Mad Hatter or Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee.

Cakes and drinks could make you larger or smaller and there’s a Chesire cat that may flip invisible. Many individuals bear in mind the long-lasting line from this mysterious cat being “we’re all mad here”.

But if you happen to bear in mind it this fashion, you’ll be unsuitable. Ashley defined in her TikTok video that the road is definitely “most everyone is mad here”, noting that the road individuals bear in mind is not within the film in any respect.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is a childhood favorite for a lot of, with the music Hi-Ho, sung by the dwarves being one of the recalled songs from the film. However, considered one of these so-called “Mandela Effects” is featured within the music.

In the clip, which has claimed greater than 87,000 likes, she defined: “We all know the Hi-Ho song, but do we really? Many people remember the line from the song: “hi-ho, hi-ho. It’s off to work we go.

“But what if I told you that in the current reality that we’re living in. That was never said. The line in our current reality is hi ho, hi ho. ‘It’s home from work. We go.’ They never, ever said it’s off to work. We go in the current reality that we’re living in.”

Another one that may be seen in Snow White comes from the scene with the evil Queen talking along with her magic mirror. Many bear in mind her saying “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all”

However, the precise line is “Magic Mirror”, which has left followers surprised. One consumer stated: “The Mandela effect is just the universe gaslighting us ,” whereas one other joked: “Why can’t the Mandela effect be helpful…like everyone remembers me as being poor..but current reality I am a billionaire.”

Tinkerbell’s Intro

Many Disney followers are baffled to listen to that the Disney intro with Tinkerbell flying by and utilizing her magic on the Walt Disney emblem did not truly exist. The taking pictures star flies over the citadel with out an look from the beloved fairy, which initially appeared in Peter Pan.

“If you remember seeing Tinkerbell, you’re not from this reality,” Ashley quipped. However, some followers have defined that Tinkerbell’s intro appeared on the intro for Disney’s Fast Play.

Cruella de Vil

“How do you remember her name being spelled?” the social media consumer requested, as she claims some individuals bear in mind it as “Cruella De Ville”. However, it has apparently at all times been “De Vil”.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is presumably Walt Disney’s most well-known character. Everyone is aware of what he appears to be like like — or at the least, they assume they do.

In Ashley’s listing, she claims there are literally two results round Mickey’s look which have induced debate. She stated: “The first one being do you remember Mickey Mouse having suspenders or no suspenders? Turns out in our current reality, Mickey Mouse has never worn suspenders.

“So if you happen to bear in mind suspenders, you are not from right here. And the opposite one is about Mickey Mouse having a tail or not. So do you bear in mind Mickey Mouse having a tail, or do you bear in mind Mickey Mouse having no tail?

“A lot of people say that they remember Mickey Mouse having no tail. But in the current reality that we’re living in, Mickey Mouse has always had a tail. Even back to the Steamboat Willie days, this is a favourite for me.”