Permanent jail for the person accused of raping and strangling his ex-wife in Almonacid after which operating her over to simulate an accident | EUROtoday

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The Second Section of the Provincial Court of Toledo has sentenced a person –JCRF– to everlasting, reviewable jail for murdering his ex-wife –TIT– within the Toledo city of Almonacid in April 2022, and 9 extra years in jail for against the law of sexual assault.

This is said within the sentence, reported by Europa Press, by which the confirmed information are that the sufferer needed to definitively separate from the defendant, whom she had divorced and with whom she had three youngsters, and go away the household residence, a scenario that was not accepted JCRF, who acted “motivated by reasons of domination or possession towards his wife.”

Hence, it has been confirmed that on April 4, 2022, he picked up the sufferer within the neighborhood of their frequent residence, situated in Mascaraque, and directed the automobile in the direction of the city of Almonacid, taking the agricultural highway of La Barca, in route in the direction of the Alto highway and the Cemetery highway, “an area that is difficult to pass through and not very crowded.”

In an unspecified place on these roads he out of the blue and out of the blue approached TIT, who was unprepared as he couldn’t have anticipated such an assault and, after grabbing her by the neck, he proceeded to partially undress her and penetrate her vaginally, ejaculating inside her.

At the identical time, with the intention of ending his life, he squeezed TIT's neck tightly, till he died from asphyxiation. After ending his ex-wife's life, he determined to simulate an accident, for which he positioned her lifeless physique on the highway the place they have been and drove the automobile over the corpse.