Raphaël Glucksmann requires mobilization throughout his final assembly to “be the big and beautiful surprise” of the election | EUROtoday

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Gabriel Attal, campaigning for Valérie Hayer till the final second, speaks of the “pride” of the presidential camp and praises “concrete Europe”

For this final day of the marketing campaign, Valérie Hayer organized a “Republican banquet” on Friday in Saint-Denis-d'Anjou, in Mayenne, the place she is from, within the presence of the Prime Minister, concerned within the marketing campaign of the candidate of the presidential camp till the final second.

“Throughout this campaign, we will have been constant, clear, consistent and we will always have told the truth to the French. (…) This Sunday, the destiny of Europe is at stake”, declared Gabriel Attal, after welcoming the mobilization of Macronist activists throughout these weeks of campaigning. “Those who come from far-off will need to have stated to themselves: ‘But what the hell are we going to do in South Mayenne, in a village of 1,500 inhabitants? (…) For me, this is where it all begins », smiled the candidate.

“We have always been clear about our positioning, and about the fact that we are pro-European and for us it is not a bad word, we can say it”, he praised Gabriel Attal. The Prime Minister estimated that France “will do even better by being more united with [ses] European partners », particularly in the face of American and Chinese competition for trade, or to fight against climate change and the war in Ukraine. He also underlined the risk of a blocking minority establishing itself in the European Parliament if the far right comes out on top in the polls, in France and elsewhere on Sunday, like Emmanuel Macron on Thursday.

Gabriel Attal finally said ” pride “ of the presidential camp to be represented for this election by Valérie Hayer: “We are proud to have the most talented, the most competent, the most serious, the most deeply passionate about Europe and its challenges (…) as the head of the list. » “Valérie in this campaign is authenticity”of a local elected official from Mayenne, who climbed the political ladder before being elected in Strasbourg, and being president of the third political group in the European Parliament. “We will carry it to victory on Sunday, for France and for Europe! »he concluded.

The Prime Minister also posted a video on his Instagram account on Friday, to convince young voters of what “the Europe of concrete” brings to European citizens. “It’s Europe that ensures that every one the condoms you purchase meet all the necessities when it comes to energy and security”, It was Europe that forced Nintendo to have to replace Switch joysticks that no longer work, free of charge, even after the warranty has expired., “it is Europe which has just imposed on all telephone manufacturers to impose the universal charger from next December”he lists.

Warning towards a surge from the far proper, he then defends the record of Mme Hayer, and the measures she takes for younger individuals such because the Rail Pass, funding in medical analysis, and even the inclusion of the precise to abortion within the constitution of basic rights of the European Union. He subsequently requires a vote on June 9 for the candidate.