Volodimir Zelensky, within the French Assembly: “Europe is no longer a continent of peace” | EUROtoday

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From the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, redoubles efforts to realize extra help of the allies within the battle that Russia began in its territory. This Friday he gave a speech within the French Assembly, he’ll meet within the afternoon with Emmanuel Macron and he did so with the president of the United States, Joe Biden, additionally visiting Paris.

Before the French deputies, he mentioned that Europe “is no longer a continent of peace” and that, to attain it, “more is needed.” “Russia is the common enemy of Europe. Putin is the anti-Europe,” she identified in a speech earlier than a Chamber that was not full, however which applauded her on a number of events.

Zelensky's speech It happens simply after the celebrations of the eightieth anniversary of the Normandy landings, which had been yesterday, the place he was current. Not so Russia. “Without the involvement of the entire world it would not have been possible to end the war in Europe”Zelensky identified within the Assembly, referring to D-Day, June 6, 1944, when the allies landed in Normandy and the liberation of Europe from fascism started. If yesterday there have been no scarcity of parallels between the state of affairs the continent is experiencing immediately and that of then, Zelensky has additionally alluded to this menace to peace, 80 years later.

“The countries occupied by the Nazis fought to return Europe to Humanity. Without that victory, neither Ukraine, nor France nor the free nations would exist. Europe would not exist either as a concept or as a concrete reality. We all know what Nazism means. Without “This victory over Nazism might be a black mark on our continent's historical past,” he said.

Zelensky met with Joe Biden this morning and he asked for forgiveness for the delay in the approval of almost 61 billion dollars, which Congress had blocked. He has announced new aid of 225 million.

“Again in Europe there are individuals who search to divide it, to say that one folks or one other don’t deserve an existence. All of this threatens Ukraine immediately however is usually a menace to different international locations in Europe. We already see how this aggression can prolong to the Baltic international locations. , Poland… The Russian regime is aware of no limits. Europe is just not sufficient“Zelenki said in the Assembly.

Fourth visit

It is Zelensky's fourth visit to Paris. Emmanuel Macron announced yesterday the reinforcement of military aid. France to give its Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets to kyiv, so you can defend your airspace. He did not specify how many, but it is a significant step, since other countries have announced the shipment of military aircraft, but of American manufacture. This is 'made in France'. Macron also announced the training of 4,500 Ukrainian pilots to be able to operate these devices. He already trains them in Poland and France in the handling of the Caesar dog, another of their military emblems.

In addition, the Franco-German group KNDS, which manufactures these cannons, has announced the creation of a subsidiary on Ukrainian soil. Zelensky will visit the company's headquarters today, together with the French Defense Minister.

Moscow considers all this a sign that “France is able to enter the battle,” according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov. Macron He is the leader who is being the most combative with Moscow and he went so far as to point out that sending troops to Ukraine should not be ruled out, something that the rest of the allied countries rejected.

Macron's announcement of the transfer of his fighter jets is no coincidence. “I do know that the day will come when Ukraine will be capable to see in its sky planes like those we noticed yesterday within the sky over Normandy,” he said. He was referring to the moment when Emmanuel Macron, in his speech on Omaha Beach (one of the key points of the landing) pointed out that Europe will always be at Ukraine's side. As he said this, military planes flew over the beach.

“Your fighter planes, your fighters, will show that Europe is stronger than the evil that threatens it immediately, because it was 80 years in the past. Today we are able to take a look at the ability of our unity,” said Zelensky, who said: “Thank you Emmanuel, for not having left Europe with out a chief and Ukraine with out France at a decisive second”.

Zelensky has been applauded on several occasions, with the deputies standing, although there were some that were not there, those of Rebellious France, who have criticized the timing of this visit and believe that Emmanuel Macron is politicizing these events a few days before the elections. European. “France, I respect that you’re at our facet to defend life,” he mentioned in French, to the applause of the deputies current, all standing.