Biden's speech at Pointe du Hoc: a return of the battle between the “two blocs”? | EUROtoday

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The American president spoke at Pointe du Hoc, delivering a speech “on the importance of defending freedom and democracy.” Our columnist Elena Volochine observes that on the event of the D-Day commemorations, Joe Biden insists on the “continuity between the war of yesterday and that of today”, utilizing the time period “tyranny” to explain the regimes of Hitler as Vladimir Putin. Even extra attention-grabbing, the American president declared in regards to the troopers who fell on the seashores of Normandy: “We are the heirs of these heroes”. This, notes Elena Voloshin, is identical sentence as that pronounced by Vladimir Putin in Moscow on May 9, when Russia paid tribute to the troopers of the Red Army. Our columnist sees a resurgence of battle between the “two blocs”, as through the Cold War.