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I keep in mind my father in entrance of the mirror with a soapy face shaving with a razor on Sunday mornings whereas they performed excessive mass. The technique appeared very rudimentary to our youngsters and we instructed him that electrical shavers had simply come onto the market that had been extra comfy and sooner. There was no manner I may change my habits till after some time my father learn within the newspaper The Provinces that Pope Pius XII shaved with a Braun electrical shaver, which allowed him to avoid wasting 1 / 4 of an hour to dedicate to prayer. After studying this information, which may very nicely have been an commercial, he peremptorily ordered us to purchase him a shaver of the identical model.

Pius of the Church, that of the Vatican State and that of bishop of Rome. Pius of singular magnificence. Rumors unfold, however ultimately everybody remained silent. During his papacy, Franco's regime was consolidated with the Concordat, the Eucharistic Congress of Barcelona was held, whose lyrics of the hymn composed by Pemán ordered us Spaniards to kneel earlier than the tabernacle, and the idea of religion was declared a dogma of religion. the Virgin Mary physique and soul to the heavens, in order that the Catholic is obliged to imagine that the Virgin is bodily in a spot within the universe, standing or sitting, who is aware of. Despite every little thing, Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII, will at all times be the one for whom my father lastly purchased an electrical shaver.

His successor, John XXIII, broke the picture of that skinny, mental Pope and scion of the black the Aristocracy. At the window of the Vatican on the day of his election, October 28, 1958, appeared Roncalli, a fats, rectangular Pope, the son of peasants, 77 years outdated. It was stated that he was a transitional Pope, however maybe as a result of amongst all of the wolves of the curia he was the one one who believed in God and known as the Second Vatican Council, like a coup d'état, which blew up the Church of Trent. I keep in mind him along with his arms behind his again chatting with the gardeners of the Vatican backyard with the posture of a farmer speaking about cabbages and lettuce. Under his papacy, church buildings started to be stuffed with guitars and mass was consecrated with sliced ​​bread and scorching wine in any storage amongst grassroots Christian buddies.

Then Pope Montini arrived with the title of Paul VI, who was an mental who expressed his anguish in public. The Spanish left thought of him a pure ally as a result of he tried to face as much as Franco towards the demise sentences, though to no avail. His successor, Albino Luciani, was seen and never seen. Either as a result of when he noticed what the Church was like inside he had a syncope, or as a result of they served him a really sturdy tea at daybreak, the actual fact is that in simply over a month of papacy he went to heaven and right here on earth Francis Ford Coppola he took benefit of his case to place it within the film The Godfather III.

John Paul II was a Pole, named Wojtyla, who on the age of 25 had deserted work in a quarry in Krakow to flee a Nazi raid. He had been an actor in a clandestine theater; his girlfriend had died in Auschwitz. One may think about that for a time he was misplaced among the many smoking rubble of the Second World War in no man's territory, the place an 18-year-old German soldier named Ratzinger, affiliated with the Hitler Youth, who had abandoned from the military he was additionally fleeing. He was retreating below Soviet fireplace. One evening the 2 fugitives, Ratzinger and Wojtyla, every from an opposing facet, met. The German soldier didn’t know if the Pole was armed and was about to shoot him within the coronary heart. If this had occurred, neither of them would have reached Papa, however they stood head to head and shared the final cigarette.

Seeing the empty temples, Wojtyla introduced the Church to the rock aesthetic with giant demonstrations in stadiums and open fields and Ratzinger, surrounded by wolves, turned theology into essentially the most intricate artifice of science fiction. Now the Church is immersed in a sewer of pedophilia and Francisco acts humble regardless of being a Jesuit and Argentine, he talks like folks speak within the bar, he wears black sneakers and, for his half, if there may be any theological puddle to step on, he’ll do it. step and nothing occurs.

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