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Hassan Saksa's life has handed with out having a doc justifying who he’s, the place and when he was born. And anybody would suppose that this survival has been hell: he was used as a mule to move cannabis when he was a toddler by an alleged adoptive mom who abused him, he lived on the streets since he was 11 years outdated, he handled medication, he has been a drug addict and has entered jail. Six years in the past, his existence modified because of volunteering for homeless individuals and now he’s a volunteer coordinator of a middle of the NGO Mundo Justo. But his day-to-day life is just not regular as he’s a stateless particular person, a really uncommon case in Spain, with none sort of rights. For this cause, he desires to realize Spanish nationality.

“I want to have a life like any Spanish citizen, work and have my own life. I feel very lucky to be in this Mundo Justo family, but I want to move forward alone, not be dependent on someone to buy me some sneakers or for the transport pass. It is humiliating,” Saksa himself says in a dialog with this newspaper.

Saksa believes that he was born round 1958 in Ceuta. With no mother and father that he is aware of, his first recollections of him come from an orphanage within the Spanish metropolis in North Africa. At 5 – 6 years outdated, he doesn’t know precisely, he was adopted by a Spanish girl of North African origin. Although he believes he was purchased. That mom used him to move cannabis in her physique from Ceuta to Madrid, as a result of the police didn’t register the kid. “I didn't have the use of reason to know what he was doing. He used me for her whim. He wasn't even interested in registering me, educating me, anything. He just beat me up and locked me up. When she needed me, she would take me out of the room and put in a sash what she had to carry,” he remembers bitterly. “When she found out, when she was older, what she had done to me, she was angry and wanted to hurt her. But thank God I never saw her again.”

When he was too outdated to be a mule, at 11 or 12 years outdated, his mom by no means returned for him to an condo in Malasaña in Madrid. The household he stayed with kicked him out after a couple of weeks. He then started his ordeal of dwelling on the streets. He slept in automobiles, in doorways and made a dwelling to feed himself and get garments. “Sometimes I trusted someone to sleep in a house and they tried to abuse me,” he laments with a severe face.

“When I was old enough to defend myself, I didn't know how to do anything. Just what she had taught me. “I started dealing and selling hashish to survive.” So she went from dwelling on the streets to ending up in jail at 17 years outdated. Since then, she has been in jail greater than 5 occasions and has lived in jail for greater than 10 years, including sentences. “People say that prison is very bad. For me, the opposite. I learned to study, trades and did sports. “I took advantage of the time.” There she was skilled in masonry, plumbing, gardening, forklifting, computing, cooking, carpentry, wiring or sheet metallic work, amongst others.

Saksa was hooked on heroin, cannabis and cocaine. Until someday he overdosed. “It impacted me a lot. The first thing I did when I left the hospital was call Jorge, a doctor friend. I told him he needed help. “He sent me to a farm in Barcelona,” he says.

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“My life had no meaning. “I didn't do serious things, just things to survive.” She decided to change. He has been clean of drugs for eight years. He tinkered and worked under the table to survive. “I have five or six diplomas and I have intelligence. I have training, but it is of no use to me. Who's going to hire me! “I am an ex-criminal and an ex-drug addict.” A health care provider despatched him to volunteer. There he met Javier García Ugarte, founding father of Mundo Justo, a coincidence that modified his life.

Now he’s a volunteer coordinator of the middle for homeless folks that the NGO has within the Prosperidad neighborhood of Madrid and has created 4 routes to carry meals to individuals who sleep tough within the capital, making the most of the truth that he has lived there till not too long ago. world.

No rights

In June 2022, he turned the primary tenant of the Techô actual property firm, which presents its residences to homeless individuals. Blanca Hernández, president of that firm, believes that Saksa's story may be very painful. “What catches my attention is how wonderful he is despite the life he has led,” she explains alongside him, who was additionally the primary tenant of this initiative. “After all, seeing how affectionate he is, seeing the desire he has to help others and the meaning it gives to his life, that's why we want to help him.”

Through Hernández, lawyer Arsenio Cores, a human rights knowledgeable, has begun to take the Ceutí case. This lawyer explains that Saksa is stateless with out being acknowledged as such by the Administration. Spain is roofed by the United Nations statute that regulates statelessness, accepted in 1954 in New York. It is frequent for the Ministry of the Interior to grant this standing to Sahrawis lately, however the authorities are very restrictive in every other circumstance. The Ceutí is just not an immigrant neither is he Spanish. He doesn’t have any nationality or any function that grants him a minimal of rights.

Cores particulars that within the case of Saksa they might request statelessness from the Asylum and Refuge Office of the Ministry of the Interior, however they’ve determined to decide on one other route: request Spanish nationality, as a result of they consider they’ve enough proof. The important one is that the Spanish authorities have taken him 4 occasions to the border with Morocco to expel him and the Alawite kingdom has rejected him for not being a citizen of that nation.

Cores has begun processing the paperwork to corroborate on the Moroccan consulate that Saksa is just not a citizen of Rabat. “If there is no proof of birth in Morocco, it will be credible that, if the first memory of him is in Ceuta, this man could have been born in Spain. If he is born in Ceuta, the Civil Code says that in the event that a person is born in Spain and the nationality of his parents is unknown, to avoid a situation of statelessness, that person is Spanish,” he justifies. If the route of Spanish citizenship is just not achieved, they might request recognition throughout the standing of stateless individuals. “What cannot be is that the State allows there to be holes in which people are undocumented and cannot exercise their rights,” Cores complains.

“I want nationality or whatever. What I need is to walk free. A police officer cannot stop me and take me to the police station,” says Saksa. He particulars that as a person with out citizenship or papers he can not freely go to the physician, the pharmacy, purchase a transportation cross, work, contribute to Social Security, have a checking account or take a long-distance journey. Of course, not voting both. “At the moment, I feel like I'm nobody. It blocks your every right as a human being.”

He goals that, if he obtains nationality, he desires to journey to the Mundo Justo mission in Ethiopia and to see Pope Francis in Rome with the Lazarus Foundation, like different homeless individuals and his NGO colleagues do.

In his lengthy life on the road he has used completely different names and documentation, for which he has been convicted, to, for instance, get a room rented to him. For this cause, the Police have completely different names of Saksa of their file. “I don't have identification, they don't know me, but when I did something bad they identified me quickly,” he complains. For this cause, he doesn't care how they establish him in his nationality request: “I don't care about the name, as if they call me Paquito. I know what my name is.”

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