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Families hostages in Gaza: heroic blitz, now let's free all of them

“We are happy, it was a heroic operation. But let's not stop asking for the release of all the other hostages.” This was stated to Corriere della Sera by Daniel Shek, former Israeli diplomat and representative of the Hostages' Families Forum. The strategy, he claims, does not change: “The good news of the return home of Shlomi, Noa, Almog and Andrey to their families reminds us that 120 hostages have been waiting for 36 weeks. The ceasefire agreement is still on the table, and it is only this that can bring home the living for rehabilitation and the dead for burial.”

On the possibility that stopping Gantz's resignation could have an impact on the release of the hostages, Shek comments: “We are not a political movement. We cannot reason hypothetically based on calculations of this type. We can only continue to make the voices of the families heard so that the fate of these people is not forgotten.”

US forces additionally participated in yesterday's operation, a transfer that would damage the settlement, it was identified to him: “At this second I imagine it is very important proceed step-by-step – he replies – One step doesn’t essentially exclude the opposite. Just because it have to be reiterated that the Forum doesn’t make political or army requests claiming to interchange the State. We will see within the coming weeks and determine the positions to carry based mostly on future developments.”

The hostages freed