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Just a few thousand younger demonstrators gathered at Place de la République in Paris

During the rally against the far right, Place de la République, in Paris, June 10, 2024.

Little by little, demonstrators fill the Place de la République in Paris. At 9:30 p.m., a couple of thousand gathered in opposition to the far proper, the day after the shock wave attributable to the outcomes of the European elections – Jordan Bardella, head of the National Rally record, having obtained 31.3% votes – then Emmanuel Macron's announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly.

Many younger folks, even very younger folks, demonstrators are current. To the music of “Everyone hates Bardella”, the activists clap their fingers. Some, standing on the statue of the Republic, brandish flags of the UNEF, the New Anti-Capitalist Party, but additionally the Young Ecologists. “What do we want?” The common entrance »additionally intone the demonstrators.

Most got here with associates. This is the case of Eléa, in her remaining 12 months on the Maurice-Ravel highschool, within the 20e district, who got here with 5 comrades. “I voted for the first time in my life yesterday [dimanche]and I’m just disappointed to see the RN’s score”says the highschool pupil. “We came to support the true values ​​of France and to remind people that we are against the RN, that we always will be”explains the younger woman, who affirms that she’s going to proceed to mobilize within the coming days whereas beginning her baccalaureate revisions. “I would really like there to be a union on the left”implores Eléa, who had already demonstrated a number of occasions, notably in opposition to pension reform.

Lucas, 21, a social historical past pupil at Paris-IV, got here along with her husband and associates. “I was appalled by the results of the far right yesterday, I thought that young people were going to vote left, but that was not the case. That's why I came tonighthe says. I wanted to show that young people can still vote left, believe in it and mobilize. » Concerning the president's announcement of the dissolution of the Assembly, the young man does not mince his words: “It’s an extremely dangerous game, for young people, LGBTQIA+ and the most precarious. I'm very scared. »

Lydia, 24, came with a few friends. The young woman fears the coming to power of a far-right government. “I do not want a Prime Minister who calls into question my identity, my beliefs and my rights as a woman”, deplores the younger worker. She regrets the legislative elections introduced in haste, the day earlier than the summer time holidays. “Everyone on the left must be able to put their ego aside and come together. This is the only way to fight hatred.”details the young girl, while the songs “Gaza, Gaza, Paris is with you” are heard.

Youth organizations, including the High School Union, Young Ecologists, Young Insoumis, and the Student Union, had called on young people to gather on Monday evening in all cities in France.

Minh Dréan