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Eric Zemmour and Marion Maréchal of the French far-right party Reconquête!, in Paris, June 9, 2024.

In the anonymity that now befits its place on the political spectrum, Reconquest! undoubtedly gained, on Sunday June 9, greater than 5 seats within the European Parliament: a reprieve. “We are not dead”summarized Stanislas Rigault, member of the chief workplace of the far-right get together and unlucky sixth on the listing, as soon as the fateful 5% mark was secured.

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Delayed by the look forward to consolidated outcomes, which take it to five.5% in accordance with estimates from the Ministry of the Interior, Monday morning, the celebration of the primary elected officers underneath the banner of Eric Zemmour's get together, based on the finish of 2021, was been definitively eclipsed by the dissolution of the National Assembly, demanded by the National Rally (RN) and determined by Emmanuel Macron. Like a marketing campaign spent within the shadow of the favourite of the ballot, Jordan Bardella.

The earthquake brought on by the Head of State's announcement and the prospect of a brand new election in three weeks have postponed the promised settling of scores inside the management of Reconquest!. But the headliners had been unable to ape unity for a night, even “victorious”. The speeches of the president of the unconventional group, Eric Zemmour, and his first on the European listing, Marion Maréchal, oozed tactical dispute which, after the winter, become trench warfare.

“Rally to win”

The former journalist Figaro and people near him criticized Jean-Marie Le Pen's granddaughter for months for not attacking Jordan Bardella head-on. The new MEP then prided herself in her speech on having promoted the “coalition of the rights”, claiming: “This is why I have always distinguished our adversaries from our competitors, and refused to concentrate our attacks on the RN. »

There is no question for Marion Maréchal of changing course in view of the next legislative elections. “I am ready to meet, in the coming days, Marine Le Pen, Jordan Bardella, Eric Ciotti and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan to work together on the alternative that our country demands”, she invited underneath the doubtful pout of her get together president. In a press launch, the latter shifted the accountability to“union” to these whom he by no means stopped contemplating as adversaries: “It is therefore up to the leaders of the RN and LR [Les Républicains] to tell us if they want unity to win, or monopoly so that nothing changes. »

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At the top of a gathering extending into the evening, the leaders of the RN didn’t appear very delicate to the requires Reconquest!. “For the second, that’s not the query in any respectswept apart the deputy (RN) for Moselle Laurent Jacobelli, spokesperson for Marine Le Pen's get together. Now is just not the time for negotiations or schemes, as we are able to see in different events which appear feverish. » The motion led by Jordan Bardella, who dreamed of seeing Marion Maréchal's listing land beneath 5% and precipitate the autumn of the Zemmourists, might be all of the much less inclined to unite because it prances within the lead in the preferred departments. favorable to the essayist, in addition to the Var (43.2% for the RN, towards 8.8% for Reconquête!) or the Alpes-Maritimes (37.7%, towards 9.1%).

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