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“We need an alliance with the National Rally”. In a couple of phrases, Eric Ciotti, the president of the Les Républicains get together, induced an explosion on Tuesday June 11.

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“We want an alliance with the National Rally, with its candidates; an alliance on the fitting with all those that discover themselves in right-wing concepts, in right-wing values”, declared the MP for Alpes Maritimes on TF1’s “13 Heures”. Mr. Ciotti highlighted the existence of three “blocks” opposing: on the left, a “unnatural alliance with the rebels” a block “Macronist, who led the country to where it is today with more violence, more insecurity” And “a bloc of rights, a national bloc”. However, according to him, LR is “too weak to oppose the two blocs which are the most dangerous”. He believes that the right needs this agreement to preserve its representation in the National Assembly, which until then had 61 deputies, many of whom are not on its line.

Mr. Ciotti thus became the first leader of the Republican right to propose an agreement which, if it materializes, will be the first of its kind in France with the far right.


The head of LR assured that “the vast majority of Republicans want this agreement.” But after his resounding announcement, many party leaders categorically rejected the alliance he had hoped for.

“Sometimes we convince, sometimes we don’t convince, but we never betray”, declared Laurent Wauquiez – although supported by Eric Ciotti himself as a right-wing candidate for the Elysée in 2027 – in Yssingeaux (Haute-Loire) where he announced his candidacy for the legislative elections. LR President of the Senate Gérard Larcher, who has always opposed an agreement with the far right, assured that he “will never endorse an agreement with the RN”.

The boss of senators LR Bruno Retailleau, went further, accusing the party leader of “disloyalty” and to have “lied”. His counterpart in the Assembly, Olivier Marleix, assured that Mr. Ciotti “only commits him” and had to resign.

Florence Mosalini-Portelli, one of the party's vice-presidents, called for Mr Ciotti to be ” fired “. “We are going to examine the statutes of this party (…). Perhaps we will finally turn the table a little (…). I think there is a possibility of [Eric Ciotti] make him leave if he doesn't leave by himself”she said on Franceinfo.

Asked on TF1 about his retention at the head of LR, Mr. Ciotti responded in advance that he wanted to stay in his post, specifying that “only activists could take it away from me”.


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Faced with this new scenario, the presidential camp is attempting for its half to persuade the Republican proper to hitch it, just like the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire who launched an enchantment to elected officers and activists of LR “who refuse collaboration”.

Marine Le Pen welcomes a “courageous choice”

For now, solely a handful of personalities have spoken out to help the initiative of the boss of LR: the president of younger individuals LR Guilhem Carayon, the newly elected MEP Céline Imart and the deputy Christelle d'Intorni, one among his relations.

On the RN aspect, Marine Le Pen greeted “the courageous choice” And ” The sense of responsibilities “ by Eric Ciotti and stated he hoped “that a significant number of LR executives follow him”. “Forty years of a pseudo-sanitary cordon, which caused the loss of many elections, is disappearing”the boss of the National Rally deputies argued to Agence France Presse.

Since Emmanuel Macron's announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly, the RN has elevated its calls to the fitting. Its president, Jordan Bardella, stated Tuesday that his get together would help right-wing candidates within the early legislative elections on June 30.

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