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Melancholy teenager. Successful singer. Muse of the 60s. In love, jealous, disenchanted. Broken. Fascinated by unusual issues. Happy mom. Cancer sufferer, presumed lifeless, survivor and grieving. Defender of euthanasia.Françoise Hardy It was all that though many people establish it with a tragic tune from the glad sure years: “Tous les garons et les filles.”

Era 1962. “All the boys and girls my age / walk down the street two by two / all the boys and girls my age / know what it means to be happy / and looking into each other's eyes and hand in hand / they go in love without fear of tomorrow…”, Hardy, who had simply turned 18 and was “alone in the streets, my soul in pain, yes I go alone because no one loves me,” sang along with her melancholic French voice.

The tune was the final of a vinyl EP album with different yeys songs that then its writer will hate for “too bad.” The just one who advised what she actually felt was this one, reluctantly included by the document firm in order that she didn't see it as danceable. The singer, disenchanted, defends her wherever she goes. For instance, in a tv broadcast she introduced concerning the referendum that she should approve that France elect its president by common suffrage. De Gaulle, in energy, will impose the differential ingredient of the Fifth Republic. The TV has a black and white channel. But, on this uncommon space of ​​promotion, The candy voice of the unhappy and exquisite younger lady who sings naively about her lovesickness conquers the viewers.

A ball. Two million information offered the primary 12 months. Hardy sings it in German, Italian and English. Cover of Paris Match. Film with Monica Vitti by Rover Vadim. Being a hippie in love with a driver in 'Grand Prix' by John Frankenheimer. The insanity.

All English-speaking singers wish to meet her (and Brigitte Bardot). We are in May of '66. Bob Dylan sings on the Olympia Hall. She instantly stops the live performance and leaves the stage. Minutes cross, the indignant public whistles. He calls for that she come see him within the dressing room. Dylan, guitar in hand, sings “I want you” however Hardy doesn’t discover the double which means.

Jean Marie Pray, photographer and Hardy's first associate says that they went to dinner with the Rollings Stones to a restaurant close to Notre Dame. Back residence she mentioned: “Your friend Mick [Jagger] He's very nice but he hasn't stopped playing with me all night.” Prier recalled the anecdote and added: “Franoise was a very reserved girl. What I loved about her is that He was not at all aware of his attractiveness. He only thought about writing his songs day and night, often in the bathroom. He said that the bathroom walls improved the sound of his guitar.”

“My entire childhood I was crushed between a grandmother who kept belittling me and a mother who thought she was perfect. And that marks. “I by no means noticed myself as fairly,” declared Elena López vila in 'Telva'.

“I didn't see myself as attention-grabbing in any respect. As a baby, I used to be ashamed of my origins. I believed that my dad and mom have been divorced, which was very frowned upon within the non secular college the place my father had wished to place my sister and me. Then I spotted that my “My mother was a single mother which, at the time, was much worse. I adored my mother but she never saw anyone and I wasn't educated either,” she declared on 'Paris Match' in March 2021.

“I was dating and thought I was going to end up as a nun,” he recalled within the weekly. Her mom, with out consulting her, enrolled her in Sciences Po, Politics, the creme de la creme. “I realized right away that I was not up to par with those elegant and brilliant students. That impression of getting the grade has stayed with me all my life.”

To the self-conscious woman They had given him a guitar for passing highschool. And that redeemed her. Her mom, who had signed the contract with the document label as a result of she was a minor, may cease working after the best-selling success of that first album.

“It is the time of love/ time of friends/ and adventure (…) the time of love, so long and so short/ That lasts forever/ we remember it. It is said that at twenty years old/ we are the kings of the world.” world/ and that eternally/ in our eyes we may have/ the whole blue sky…” (The time of love).

We are in May 1968 and The ugly duckling arrives at the Paris Opera square wearing a mini dress made of nine kilos of gold and 300 carats of diamonds signed by Paco Rabanne. Spectacular. The dress, the model's legs, the hair. When Paris is filled with barricades, she and her partner escape to Corsica.

Yes, a year before she had met the man who was going to be the love of her life, the singer Jacques Dutronc. “A relationship that instantly proved painful attributable to my insecure, anxious, overly demanding persona and its harshness, its must be at liberty, to have enjoyable on the market.”

According to Hardy ('Paris Match'), “most males cheat on their girls with out this diminishing the love they encourage in them. They dissociate what’s from the waist up from what’s from the waist down. I, like many Women of my era I don't dissociate in any respect. “I cannot desire if I do not love.”

“However, in 2015, when everyone thought I was dead, they told me that Jacques told the person he lived with that I was the woman of his life. I was moved. It was reciprocal. He is the man of my life, we lived the best years together. Love consists of making an effort to understand the other, behaving with dignity towards them, and accepting their difference. Knowing how to love is very difficult. “One life will not be sufficient.”

Before that fateful year, there is his last concert (London, 1968), a son (now also a singer Thomas Dutronc -who has confirmed the death of his mother on social networks-), withdrawals and returns and a certain ease in getting into all the puddles. “I desire the label of lesbian or sadomasochist to the additionally aberrant one in all anti-Semite or lepenist that was hanged on me because of some unlucky statements I made in favor of the demise penalty for little one murderers and in opposition to the abusive use of racism as an electoral hook. “They were distorted. I deny everything. Although as far as Lesbos is concerned, only men with a sufficient dose of femininity can disturb me,” she advised Libration in 1996. She had simply launched a pessimistic album that included three songs impressed by Marguerite Duras, Claude Sautet and Luis Buuel.

2015, Malt's lymphoma to which he provides a fall within the bathe with a number of fractures. Three weeks in a coma. Two months within the hospital. 45 periods of radiotherapy, respiration issues, infinite nosebleeds, she is left with out saliva and deaf in a single ear. “The doctors said I was finished. I don't know what happened but suddenly, when he was two fingers away from going to the other side, he started to come back little by little,” mentioned his son Thomas Dutronc in 'Le Figaro'.

In this reprieve that life gave him, Hardy produced a guide of memoirs: “The Despair of the Apes and Other Trifles”; a compilation of all of the lyrics of his songs since '62, “Songs about you and us”; and one final album!, which makes quantity 24 of his studio recordings: “Personne d'autre” (No One Else).

The third observe that offers the album its title is, within the writer's phrases, “a summary of what she experienced with Jacques.” The key to the connection is within the fourth verse: “A sign like a call that seems timeless/ no one but you to hear it/ sky-colored eyes somewhat unreal/ and I'm still there waiting for you…”.

Hardy in 2018, along with her delicate voice melancholy singing the watch for love, identical to in 1964, when she walked “alone through the streets, her soul in pain” whereas everybody her age walked already paired up.

Shortly after the singer revealed that fights most cancers once more, of the pharynx this time. “I'm 75 years old, I think I've sung enough.” In June 2021, with no voice, I responded by e mail to 'Femme actuelle'. She felt “close to the end.” She detailed her illnesses and the nightmare of the remedy's negative effects.

He recalled that his mom “suffered from Charcot's disease was very lucky to find a doctor who would euthanize her.” He demanded the identical shortcut for her “although given my small notoriety, no one will want to run the risk of being expelled from the medical school.” And she appealed to President Macron to legalize it.

“I know that death is nothing more than that of the body that by giving the soul frees it, allowing it to return to the mysterious dimension from which it came, enriched by everything learned in its last reincarnation.” Let us hope that within the subsequent one, it can have extra luck in love. “Comment te dire adieu” the tune performs by Serge Gainsbourg that Franoise Hardy took to the highest in '69 along with her rhymes in ex.