Jordan Bardella pronounces an “agreement” between the RN and Eric Ciotti with “several dozen” LR deputies “supported” | EUROtoday

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“It’s me who will lead this campaign” for the legislative elections, confirms Gabriel Attal

Considering that the dissolution of the Assembly was a “heavy and brutal decision”the Prime Minister nonetheless assured Tuesday, on “8 p.m.” on TF1, that it’s he “who would lead this campaign as majority leader, prime minister”. “With the identity that is the [s]ienne, the French [l]and know »assured Gabriel Attal, whose position is called into question by the dissolution. [S]our identity is always listening to the French, (…) try to make concrete decisions, resolve problems”defended Mr. Attal, believing that the French wouldn’t vote in the identical method as within the European elections “because we are talking about their daily life, we are talking about the future of the country in the years, the decades to come”.

Denouncing “a form of disorder that occurs[est] installed in our institutions » for two years, the Prime Minister has schematized political life: “You have three blocs: a far-right bloc whose program is the complete ruin of the country, (…) on the other side, an extreme left bloc whose watchword is chaos, violence, and [Renaissance]. » The Prime Minister thus defended the program of the presidential camp around “work as a cardinal value”saying he wished “do everything for the work, reestablish authority, [défendre] purchasing power, public services, and in particular the school of the Republic which is at the heart of everything”.

Asked a number of instances about doable alliances to make sure a majority within the National Assembly, the Prime Minister refused to reply, denouncing “parties that talk to themselves” whereas he needs “talk to the French”, who doesn’t “don’t worry”in keeping with him, “device chords”. “We are going to act to have [la majorité] by reaching out to socialists of good will, to right-wing people of good will, always starting from the French, their expectations and their concerns, by going to convince them everywhere on the ground”assured Mr. Attal. “The dream that is sold by the extreme left as well as the extreme right would lead us to chaos, disorder and ruin”he concluded.