Musk: «Stop advert Apple se integra OpenAi» | EUROtoday

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«If Apple integrates OpenAI on the OS degree», its working system, «then Apple gadgets will probably be banned in my firms. This is an unacceptable safety breach.” The threat comes via X from Elon Musk after Apple announced a partnership with OpenAI.

“It's absurd that Apple isn't smart enough to create its own artificial intelligence, but is somehow able to ensure that OpenAI protects your security and privacy. Apple has no idea what will happen once the data is in the hands of OpenAI,” Musk adds in a subsequent post.

Musk was a co-founder of OpenAI, but later cut ties with the San Francisco start-up: on the one hand he expressed concerns about the security implications deriving from rapid development of generative AI, but on the other he is even working on its own ChatGPT competitor.

During yesterday's presentation, Apple said that “ChatGPT integration” will arrive in its operating systems for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers later this year. But he also said that user data will not be tracked and that there will be other precautions.

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