Nicolle Wallace Flags A ‘Slow-Moving Scandal’ Involving Trump And Fox News | EUROtoday

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The conservative community didn’t broadcast the entire presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s weekend ramblings in Las Vegas, Wallace famous on Monday’s episode of “Deadline: White House.”

Trump’s ranting a few glitching teleprompter, threats to not pay the contractors who’d set it up, bizarre tangent about sharks and electrical boat batteries and try to make use of a shark assault sufferer for political achieve have been simply a number of the lowlights of his deal with.

“I think the slow-moving scandal, in my view, is that Fox News isn’t broadcasting this anymore, that was not aired in its entirety,” mentioned Wallace, a former White House communications director beneath former President George W. Bush who has since labeled herself as a “self-loathing former Republican.”

“I actually heard from someone who was watching Fox looking for it, that it wasn’t on, and they were wondering why,” she added.

Former GOP strategist Stuart Stevens acknowledged Fox News “can try not to show this and hide it” however recommended to Wallace that “it’s a long time to the election and a lot of people are going to start paying attention that aren’t paying attention now and I think it’s going to be impossible to hide the difference” between Trump and President Joe Biden.

Stevens additionally predicted Biden “is going to win this thing easily” as a result of Americans, he mentioned, will change into extra targeted on what is really at stake come mid-October.

“I think Trump is like a guy walking around with a paper bag full of water,” he mentioned. “It’s probably not going to leak that much but when it goes, it’s going to be hell to pay to get it back. I think that’s where he’s headed.”