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From nationwide insurance coverage to migration: Key takeaways from Conservatives’ basic election manifesto

The Conservative social gathering may make a stunning U-turn on its flagship pledge to convey National Service after defence secretary Grant Shapps urged the scheme would final lower than a month.

The Tory manifesto printed confirmed the scheme can be a “year-long full-time placement in the armed forces or cyber defence”. But he immediately stated it could be a lot shorter.

Meanwhile, the Green Party has launched its manifesto, which features a pledge to boost taxes on the “super-rich”, and nationalise water, railways and power corporations, in addition to scrapping college tuition charges.

Mr Shapps claimed the Tories have been combating laborious to forestall Labour from securing a “super-majority” larger than the 1997 landslide. With the “Blue Wall” liable to being knocked down within the polls, chancellor Jeremy Hunt has warned he faces a battle to save lots of his Godalming and Ash seat, which is a key goal for the Lib Dems.

Labour is campaigning in Grimsby the place Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak are set to face grilling interviews by locals tonight on Sky News.


Sunak tells 12 months 7 scholar: ‘You want maths to be a professional snooker participant’

Rishi Sunak requested pupils getting ready for a maths check at a faculty in Grimsby: “Who’s excited about the exam?,” Archie Mitchell stories.

After a quick interval of silence, a trainer joked: “Wrong question.”

The Prime Minister then requested the Year 7 college students what they needed to be after they develop up.

“Professional snooker player,” one boy replied.

“You need maths for that,” a trainer stated.

“You do need maths for that. You need maths for everything, in my opinion,” the Prime Minister stated.

“I’ve not heard that before actually. That’s a first.”

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 14:00


Watch: Five ‘serious errors’ in Conservative manifesto, in keeping with Labour

Five ‘serious errors’ in Conservative manifesto, in keeping with Labour

The Conservative manifesto incorporates 5 “serious errors,” in keeping with Labour. Rachel Reeves stated her social gathering has analysed its opposition’s costings and located 5 areas she is worried about. The shadow chancellor accused the Tories of together with “vague ambitions” of their pledges. At a rebuttal press convention on Tuesday, 11 June, Ms Reeves criticised insurance policies such because the National Service proposal, effectivity financial savings, the proposed minimize to poor performing college locations, and a welfare financial savings proposal. Ms Reeves stated: “The Labour Party will hold ourselves, that I will hold myself, to higher standards than the Conservative Party holds themselves.”

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 13:50


Pictured: Rishi Sunak visits school ahead of Sky News interview in Grimsby

Rishi Sunak joins pupils in a maths lesson during a visit to John Whitgift Academy in Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Rishi Sunak joins pupils in a maths lesson during a visit to John Whitgift Academy in Grimsby, Lincolnshire (Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)
(Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)
(Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)
(Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire)

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 13:40


Watch: Grant Shapps stumbles over election manifesto figures during live interview

Grant Shapps stumbles over election manifesto figures during live interview

Grant Shapps stumbles over the Conservatives’ stamp duty policy from their election manifesto during a live interview on Wednesday, 12 June. The defence secretary told Nick Ferrari that stamp duty would be abolished for first-time buyers on homes valued up to £450,000. However, the policy’s real figure is £425,000. Later on, Mr Shapps said: “Off the top of my head I remember it as 450. I found it here… you’re right, it’s 425 million…” before Mr Ferrari interrupted to correct him that the number is in its hundreds of thousands rather than millions.

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 13:40


Green party manifesto: On Palestine

In their manifesto the Greens have condemned the “appalling murder of hundreds of Israeli civilians by Hamas” and recognised that Israeli forces have committet “war crimes” prompting the “death of thousands of Palestinians”.

This is what they have promised:

  • An immediate bilateral ceasefire.
  • An end to arms sales to Israel.
  • Redoubled efforts to secure the release of hostages taken on 7th October 2023.
  • An urgent international effort to end the illegal occupation of Palestinian land.
  • A durable political solution that ensures security and equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians.
  • The reinstatement of funding for UNRWA and support for South Africa’s submission to the International Court of Justice.

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 13:35


Comment | Sunak has showered voters with promises he knows he will never deliver

He writes: “It was his final opportunity to turn around a campaign in which, despite having the advantage of knowing an election was coming when Labour didn’t, he has managed to go backwards.”

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 13:30


Home Office offers to pay for Nigel Farage’s private security

The Home Office has offered to pay for any additional private security Nigel Farage may need.

It comes as th Reform UK leader had objects thrown at him while he was on an open-top bius in South Yorkshire. A man has been arrested and charged with using threatening, abusive, insulting words and behaviour with intent to cause fear.

Election candidates can ask for funding for security at hustings during campaigns under a Home Office scheme, where requests are considered “on a case by case basis”.

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 13:28


Brexit and culture war divides voters as trust hits an all-time low, warns top pollster

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 13:22


Exclusive: Polling experts warn Sunak as first postal votes set to be cast within days

Polling experts have warned Rishi Sunak he is running out of time to woo voters with the first ballots set to be cast in the election within days, our Whitehall Editor Kate Devlin reports.

Postal votes will start landing on doorsteps early next week, the Electoral Commission has told The Independent.

With one in five now voting by post time is running out for the prime minister to turn around Labour’s 20-point lead in many polls. One polling expert told Mr Sunak it was “now or not at all”.

Lord Hayward, who is also a Tory peer, said many people return their postal votes as soon as they arrive. He added: “If the Conservatives are going to have an effect, for a fairly high proportion of voters the effect is now or not at all.”

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 13:16


Green party manifesto: On Migration

The Greens claim thei would “welcome migrants” if elected by “promoting social cohesion and support”. This is what they promise in their manifesto:

  • End immigration detention unless a public safety danger.
  • Allow asylum seekers to work during application process.
  • End the hostile environment.
  • Remove minimum income requirements for spouse visas.
  • Provide safe routes for those fleeing persecution.
  • Replace the Home Office with a new Department of Migration.
  • Abolish “no recourse to public funds” condition.

Salma Ouaguira12 June 2024 13:07