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“Youth annoys the FN”: hundreds of individuals show once more in opposition to the RN in Rennes, Orléans, and different cities

A protester holds a sign reading “Youth piss off the FN/RN” as thousands of people demonstrate against the National Rally in Rennes, June 11, 2024.

Several thousand individuals demonstrated Tuesday night in Rennes and Orléans, particularly, to specific their rejection of the National Rally (RN) and their refusal to see the intense proper take the pinnacle of the federal government within the occasion of victory within the legislative elections.

In Rennes, demonstrators – 6,000 in keeping with the unions, 3,000 in keeping with the prefecture – marched for the second time in two days, this time on the name of an inter-union affiliation. “Every time we attack the public service, when we steal two years of our lives on the issue of pensions, when we attack those deprived of employment, obviously we make extreme ideas flourish RIGHT “denounced to Agence France-Presse the general secretary of the FO union in Ille-et-Vilaine, Fabrice Le Restif.

Far-right parties “are our historical enemies. In the 1940s, they were on the side of the collaborators and banned unions, today they still find themselves in this land of precariousness, of misery, and they only live from that. We must not let them prosper”, he stated. Alongside skilled activists from the assorted unions (CGT, FO, CFDT, Solidaires, Sud, FSU, and so forth.) many younger individuals marched, a lot of them college students and even highschool college students.

The demonstration took place peacefully but “around thirty members of the ultra-left took advantage of the rally to deface an ATM and signs”, indicated the prefecture, according to which three people were arrested. In Orléans, a thousand demonstrators, with flags of France Insoumise, the student union National Union of Students of France (UNEF) or Palestine, responded to the call of several left-wing parties.

Other demonstrations are also taking place this evening, including one in progress at Place de la République in Paris since 8 p.m., for the third evening in a row. Called “Youth annoys the National Front”, it is organized once again at the call of several left-wing organizations, including the Student Union, the High School Union (USL) and the UNEF. The deputy “rebellious” Louis Boyard is notably present.