Macron extends his hand to the average events in opposition to the extremes: “It is a historic moment. The masks have fallen” | EUROtoday

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The French president, Emmanuel Macron, launched this Wednesday into the marketing campaign for the subsequent legislative elections that can happen on June 30 and July 7, and has prolonged his hand to the average events of the parliamentary arc to confront the extremes , at a time when alliances are being negotiated, forward of the elections, each on the left and between the acute proper and the normal proper.

Macron referred to as legislative elections early after the acute proper of Marine Le Pen will sweep Sunday within the European ones. Without a majority within the Assembly, the president seeks to broaden the restricted parliamentary help he has (the centrist events Modem and Horizons) to forestall Marine Le Pen's social gathering (National Regroupment) from profitable and taking up the Government.

In a press convention to elucidate his resolution to dissolve the Assembly and current his roadmap to comply with to any extent further, the president prolonged his hand to the events “that share republican values”, to type a coalition in opposition to ” alliances against nature at the extremes”. He refers to socialists, environmentalists, centrists or average conservatives.

“It is a historic moment for the country. Since Sunday, the masks have fallen,” Macron stated at first of the two-hour occasion. He has harshly criticized the potential of a pact between The Republicans, a conventional right-wing social gathering, and Marine Le Pen, as its president, Eric Ciotti, steered yesterday. But additionally the alliance negotiated by the left, which would come with the acute left of La Francia Insumisa led by Jean Luc Mlenchon.

The Republicans, a conventional proper much like the Spanish PP, had all the time refused to help Le Pen. A big a part of the leaders oppose crossing that crimson line, and there’s a deep division that might result in a cut up. “Ciotti has turned his back on the legacy of De Gaulle, Chirac and Sarkozy (former French presidents) Ciotti has made a pact with the devil“Macron stated.

He has additionally criticized the “anti-nature alliance” that’s being solid on the left, the place average events reminiscent of socialists, communists or environmentalists would be a part of “Insoumise France, “accountable these weeks for anti-Semitism, communitarianism and anti-parliamentarism.”

Macron has argued his much-criticized decision to dissolve the Assembly and call early elections: the aforementioned extremes in France represented more than 50% of the vote at the polls on Sunday.

To confront them Macron seeks to expand the support it has and incorporate the moderate parties of the parliamentary arc, “they unambiguously defend the values ​​of the Republic and desire a stronger France and Europe.” This seems unlikely, considering that in many cases, in these parties anti-Macron sentiment is almost as strong as anti-Le Pen sentiment.

The Socialist Party, for example, has verbalized its discomfort with some of the positions of La Francia Insumisa, and the Republicans themselves have been the Government's key to carrying out some of its reforms. National Rally and La France Insoumise “have leaders who transcend the Republic and its values. These will not be republican folks,” stated Macron.


The decision to call early elections throws more uncertainty into an already complex political context: the Assembly has been ungovernable for almost two years and Macron does not have a majority. It is becoming increasingly difficult for him to carry out his reforms and there is a certain situation of blockage. In part it is because of the fragmentation that exists: the left, the extreme right and the so-called “presidential majority”, those who support Macron.

The opposition was going to present a motion of censure in the fall to overthrow the Government. He had so many chances of moving forward that Macron preferred to precipitate events and dissolve the Assembly himself. On Sunday at the polls, “folks have expressed their concern about insecurity, immigration, buying energy (…) Their day by day difficulties. We can’t be detached to this message and we now have to offer a democratic response,” he famous.

“There is anger that has been expressed,” said the president, who believes that “not listening to it will have been irresponsible.” “This dissolution will permit the clarification of issues. We are at a time when the nation faces challenges and it can’t be blocked by the extremes,” he noted.

The press conference was held outside the Elseo, since Macron is not appearing this time as president, but for his party, Renaissance. On the front line, he supported the hard core of the Government, the Ministers of Economy, Interior, Justice or Foreign Affairs, and some leaders of the parties that formed the presidential majority.

There are three weeks left until the first round of the legislative elections and the possibility that, after the verdict of the polls, Le Pen's extreme right will reach the Government is no longer something distant. It will happen if his party achieves a majority. His candidate for the Europeans, Jordan Bardella He obtained 32% of support on Sunday and could be the new prime minister.

The first round is on June 30 and the second on July 7. You choose, in two rounds. There are 577 deputies. The Macronists enjoy a relative majority of 250 seats and Le Pen's party leads the opposition with 88 seats. According to the polls, he could win, with 35% of the support.

Faced with this possibility, Macron has said that he does not campaign “in a spirit of defeat.” And he has recognized: “We should, in any case, govern otherwise, with respect, calmly, with dignity, on the service of the nation.”