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The French president, Emmanuel Macron, stated right this moment that his majority should “go and dialogue with personalities and forces that are not part of it today”, hypothesizing an growth of the federal government to incorporate average forces. He stated this at a press convention two days after the heavy defeat within the European elections. Macron proposes a “federation of projects” with all political exponents who “do not recognize themselves in extremist fever” and who “can work to build, govern France, for the Republic”. The excessive events in France could make alliances which might be simply political bricolage as a result of on all of the necessary points, Ukraine, the Middle East, nuclear energy, vitality, they’ve opposing positions, Macron underlined, urging the French to “reject the extremes”. “After the elections we will have to have an open dialogue to understand how to better serve France.

– After the results of the European elections and the political situation “the political situation required a dissolution” said the French president. “Only the dissolution allows things to be clarified,” he added. Macron accused the left-wing radicals of La France Insoumise of “creating constant” and “worrying disorder” within the Assemblée Nationale by making “the action less legible and preventing the building of stable coalitions”.

The alliances on the left and proper are “constructions of apparatuses, in no case majorities to govern” stated Macron, inviting us to hitch “the central, progressive, democratic and republican bloc”. “This bloc, which unites political families each with their own identity, has learned to work together for 7 years. He is united and clear in his relationship with the Republic, with Europe and on his priorities. It is the basis of a coherent government project. I consider it useful to the country.”

Macron underlined the differences between the Républicains and Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National, in particular on the economic programme: “Do you think that Ciotti, with the Républicains following him, he who explained that the majority is too lax and it was necessary to consolidate the public spending, will he govern with the Rassemblement Natoinal, whose program has been assessed by independent bodies at a cost of 100 billion euros per year for taxpayers?”. As for the left, Macron acknowledged that “on social democracy, the social market economy, the left has allied itself with the far left which, in the same campaign, was guilty of anti-Semitism, communitarianism, anti-parliamentarism and, of de facto break with the values ​​of the Republic”.

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France is aware of tips on how to appropriate inequalities, however not stop them. And it’s on this level that the political motion of the subsequent authorities have to be concentrated, stated Macron. It is due to this fact essential to spend money on healthcare, and rebuild the republican college system, and tackle the problem of younger individuals's on-line dependancy. “Work will have to be paid more,” added the French President.