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Purely anecdotal proof places the creation of the realm's Bries to almost 1,300 years in the past, however no person wants the stuff of delusion to know that true, uncooked milk Brie, slowly ripened on straw mats, is completely phenomenal. With a ripeness-dependent pungency that falls anyplace between a mushroom cellar and previous socks, it’s earthy, vegetal with garlic and brassica flavors, and barely buttery.

Brie de Meaux is barely extra managed, and definitely a bit simpler to deal with. Melun is a smaller cheese with wilder habits, yielding significantly extra funk and energy however nonetheless completely scrumptious. Regardless, the Bries comprised of spring and summer time milk are notably advanced, and simply the correct of factor to eat on a bench alongside the Seine, accompanied by both a bottle of a vibrant Chardonnay or a frivolously aged Beaujolais, and maybe a petit chouchou to assist share it.


From France Today Magazine

Taste the Terroir: Springtime Brie