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Since the creation of the ITUC Global Workers' Rights Index in 2014, “Europe is experiencing the most pronounced decline”warns the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) in its annual report printed Wednesday June 12, three days after European elections marked by a surge from the far proper.

Wider, “In this year when 4 billion people on the planet will go to the polls, right-wing authoritarian groups are working to designate scapegoats (…) and impose their own hostile agenda on workers. (…) Democracy is in danger”is alarmed by the primary international commerce union confederation, which brings collectively 340 unions positioned in 169 nations and territories.

On a scale of 1 (“sporadic rights violations” of employees) to five (“no guarantee of rights”), “Europe, despite its reputation as a global standard bearer for workers' rights, saw its average score increase from 2.56 to 2.73 between 2023 and 2024”, worries the CSI. In 2014, the Old Continent nonetheless had a median rating of 1.84, recollects the Confederation, which incorporates within the time period “Europe” nations that aren’t members of the European Union (United Kingdom, Switzerland, Albania, and so on.).

“This continued deterioration indicates that the European social model (…) is being actively dismantled by governments and corporations at an accelerating pace, with far-reaching consequences in the region and the risk of triggering a global race to the bottom for workers' rights.she continues.

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Finland and Switzerland pinned

The scenario of employees is actually even worse elsewhere: the Middle East and North Africa area recorded a median rating of 4.74 in 2024, in comparison with 4.25 in 2014. In the Americas, the typical rating slipped by 3, 16 in 2014 to three.56 ten years later. With sixteen assassinations of commerce unionists recorded, out of a complete of twenty-two for the reason that publication of the final index, the Americas stay “the deadliest region” of the planet for employees and their representatives.

If no assassinations have been recorded in Europe in 2023-2024, two nations within the Old Continent noticed their ranking downgraded by the ITUC. Finland is thus accused of “repeated violations” of employees' rights in 2024, whereas the ITUC solely accused it of violations in 2023 “sporadic”.

Helsinki was sanctioned “following the proposal, by the right-wing coalition of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, of reforms constituting an unprecedented attack on the Nordic social model”explains the CSI. “The reforms in question intend to limit political strikes to one day, compromise wage negotiations and propose to reduce sickness and unemployment benefits”she explains.

“Over the past year”criticizes the overall secretary of the ITUC, Luc Triangle, “We have seen in the Nordic countries a certain determination on the part of governments and businesses to dismantle the fundamental pillars of democracy” : proper to strike, exhibit, and so on.

As for Switzerland, accused of “repeated violations” in 2023, she is now thought-about responsible of violations “regular” employees' rights, a notch increased on the ITUC ranking scale.

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“Democratic crisis”

In whole, 73% of European states have “violated the right to strike” And “workers were victims of violence in 9% of countries” of the Old Continent.

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For Luc Triangle, “The European social model is rapidly disintegrating. A democratic crisis is taking place in the region, as unions, workers' rights and democracy are closely linked..

A faint glimmer of hope, Romania sees its rating improve by a notch. She is now accused of violations “regular” employees' rights and not “systematic”. Among the advances famous on this nation, “the right to strike has been extended and collective bargaining is now compulsory in companies with more than ten employees”the CSI is glad.

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