Aldi shopper unhappy as merchandise discontinued – however there’s resolution | EUROtoday

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An Aldi-goer has discovered herself gutted because the grocery store main appears to have stopped stocking a freezer commodity which was a daily in her kitchen.

It’s an actual annoyance when a grocery store or retailer for that matter, discontinues an merchandise you retain on repurchasing. You would possibly find yourself scrambling to seek out the merchandise elsewhere, or if push involves shove, attempt to replicate it at dwelling as an alternative.

One particular person has been caught on this predicament after she hadn’t managed to identify a sure frozen merchandise wherever. Posting on the Aldi UK Shoppers Facebook group, the lady queried: “Does anyone know if there have been discontinued, I can’t find them anywhere,” teamed with a glum face.

She went on to publish a photograph of a frozen Aldi produce – Lemon & Lime Slices from the model Four Seasons.

While many Aldi consumers revealed they have been oblivious to the product’s existence, others chimed in with useful strategies. “Yeah they are discontinued! We may have them back in the summer! Last year was the first year we sold them,” one consumer shared.

But one other commentator, who apparently is an Aldi worker, remarked: “Never seen them in 15yrs of working for Aldi,” whereas a 3rd commenter added: “I think they have been discontinued as I used to buy them 2 years ago but not seen them since.”

While many consumers prompt the lady ought to merely purchase recent lemons and limes then freeze herself, one savvy particular person suggested: “So easy to make them yourself, all you need to do is separate the slices whilst they first freeze (use baking parchment to separate layers). Once frozen you can put them together in a bag or container to get the freezer space back.”

Another chimed in with a useful tip: “I do my own freeze on a chopping board and then bag,” and a 3rd shared their no-waste method: “We just freeze fresh ones we don’t use so there is no waste.”

Despite the product nonetheless being listed on the Aldi UK web site, Aldi confirmed the Four Seasons Lemon & Lime Slices (350g) are not obtainable. An Aldi spokesperson said: “We continually review our range of products to make sure we’re meeting the needs of Aldi shoppers.”