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“What I am presenting is a serious plan. Carefully thought out, and contains no rabbits in the hat. I am running as a candidate for prime minister, not to run a circus,” mentioned Keir Starmer this Thursday in Manchester, through the presentation of his social gathering's electoral program. In the United Kingdom, this doc, the publication of which is a central act of the marketing campaign, is called the “manifesto”, and has nearly the binding drive of a civil contract, which is able to drastically situation the Government's potential to maneuver. arises from the polls.

Three weeks earlier than the elections, on July 4, there’s a common feeling within the nation of the top of the cycle. Starmer, all of the polls repeat, would be the subsequent tenant of Downing Street. His allies justify the extreme moderation and lukewarmness of his financial and monetary proposals with the necessity to not scare away an citizens that also remembers how Labor tilted excessively to the left through the Jeremy Corbyn period. His critics accuse him of swimming and placing away his garments, by promising a radical “change” in fact within the United Kingdom with out hardly touching taxes, with steady reward for businessmen and downward rectifications of all guarantees in labor and industrial issues. or environmental.

An period of reforms

Starmer, more and more targeted on creating a brand new model of the reform guarantees introduced by Tony Blair's New Labour, guarantees “change”, “stability”, “a government focused on growth” and a “serious way of doing business”. coverage”. But he refuses to commit to specific figures and assures that he will not touch taxes nor will there be new cuts if it is his turn to inaugurate the new mandate.

“It is not so much about discussing how wealth is created, but rather how it is taxed, how it is spent, how the pie is distributed. I am going to be very clear: this manifesto is the total rejection of this type of argument [al juego de sumas y restas, de subir impuestos o imponer recortes]. Because if you transform the nature of the labor market, if you transform the infrastructure that supports investment in this country, if you reform the planning system [urbanística]or if you unlock the potential of projects worth millions and millions of pounds, you contribute much more to long-term growth,” Starmer promises.

Moderate tax assortment

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The Labor Party's fiscal plans aim to increase revenue at a moderate level, just about 10 billion more euros. Starmer has promised to end the exemption for large fortunes of non-UK residents, return to charging VAT (equivalent to European VAT) on private school tuition and tax private capital gains. Basically, these measures will be the source of the extraordinary revenue, because a future Labor Government, according to the candidate, will not raise income or corporate taxes.

“I make no apology for being careful when considering working class money. Nor am I going to apologize for ruling out new tax increases on the working class. I'm not doing it for pure politicking or being in a campaign. It is a personal conviction: it is not fair to increase the tax burden when they are already paying so much, especially in the midst of a cost of living crisis like the current one,” defended the Labor candidate.

“This program offers a dizzying amount of revisions and new strategies to address the challenges facing the country,” the director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies, Paul Johnson, gave a first praise to the manifesto. He immediately added a but: “Carrying out a significant change means providing the proposals with resources. And the Labor Party program offers no indication of where the money is going to come from to finance all that,” Johnson warned.

The prudence shown so far by Starmer and by the Labor spokesperson for the Economy – and in all probability the next head of that ministry -, Rachel Reeves, has allowed their conservative rivals to maintain during the campaign the accusation that a future “socialist” Government It will end up raising taxes on citizens. Up to about 2,400 euros more per year, according to Rishi Sunak after calculating the expense of Labor's promises to increase the number of health personnel and teachers, to invest in new infrastructure or to nationalize some companies such as water companies.

On two fronts, Starmer should repel these assaults and people from the left wing of his social gathering, which accuses him of getting designed a political program that’s extra conservative than Labor. “Citizens are not just tired of the toriesbut of the policies tories“, and if Keir Starmer continues on his current path, he risks suffering the same fate as the Conservatives,” said Kate Dove, president of the party's internal movement, Momentum., with approaches much further to the left than those of the current leadership. This movement was key in its day to propel Corbyn to the leadership of the party. “If elected, Labor must go much further in the promise of change they have made to British citizens,” Dove claimed.

The example of this permanent tension with which Starmer has led his party towards a foreseeable electoral success has been that, a few minutes after the presentation of the electoral program began in Manchester, an activist from an environmental group tried to burst it with the cry of “young people deserve better! “It’s the same old conservative policies.” She was referring to Starmer's decision, shortly before the election campaign began, to backtrack on his commitment to allocate up to €33 billion to new investments in renewables and “green policies.”

The candidate, already accustomed to the discontent of the most left wing – in the last party congress he ended up full of glitter, after a spontaneous man managed to climb the stage -, had the answer ready: “It's been 5 years since we gave up being the persevering with protest social gathering. “We want to be a government party,” Starmer replied, more and more satisfied that the British citizens goes to provide him that chance.

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